Is There Really a “Better” Butter?

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Is There Really a "Better" Butter?

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  • Naturally Beautiful says:

    Thank you DR oz , for the info

  • Parwin Ali says:

    Trader Joe’s butter is the best!

  • Plagues Inhale the says:

    Vegan butter ..or kerrygold

  • Jayaprakash Jayabal says:

    Better in taste but not in health value

  • Pam Carballoca says:

    There slapping “vegan” on it to charge twice the price….

  • Cecilia Garcia says:

    Real butter is safer, look into it , anything with vegetables or canola, etc is worse for your health. Margarine will always be margarine

  • GuerrerosOTX 310 says:

    Y’all could just use avocado 🥑

  • Joni Bass says:

    I only eat real butter

  • THCB Spotlights says:

    8 Foods that Lower Blood pressure;:Leafy Greens,Red Beets,White Beans”Yogurt,Bananas. 🍌 Broccoli,Skim milk,Sunflower seeds….

  • Emma Kelly says:

    i have a life-threatening allergy to milk so all of my butter is basically just fat 🤣

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