Is Michael Peterson Guilty Of Killing His Wife On The Stairs?

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Is Michael Peterson Guilty Of Killing His Wife On The Stairs?

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  • desiree reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 15 minutes and 23 seconds left to live”


  • La Serpenta Canta says:

    he sure is.

  • Bass Drip NCS says:

    so good <3

  • Adrienne M says:

    if he’s innocent, he must have the worst luck in the history of relationships

  • I'm Your #1 Fan Baconfatt says:

    I watched half this on Netflix.

  • Ingrid Medina says:

    He is guilty and not only once, but twice, Michael Peterson remember something: you did not see earthly justice punish you, but calm, that no one escapes from Divine justice, you will see it

  • Ebony Stewart says:

    13:26 she only answer 1pt of Dr.Oz ?.. she does not fear her ex husband .2pt is didn’t answer was..if he had a temper or not ? dr. Oz you and Mountain Point!

  • Kathleen Last Name says:

    Scott Peterson, Drew Peterson…Be careful when you marry a Peterson.

  • R allophones says:

    Notice how he never answered the question when dr. Oz asked him if he killed the first lady? He just starts going into some explanation about what a good friend she was and how he was friends with her husband blah blah blah. Typical lying B behavior. Why does he feel the need to go on all these programs to convince people that he’s innocent? Besides the fact that that staircase program on Netflix was made by a friend of his that he lived with. So it wasn’t an unbiased documentary maker it was someone trying to show him in the light of innocence which he is not innocent.

  • Denise Wood says:

    Hes guilty hes gay not bisexual n used these woman for a normal life n money he got away with it first time but second she found out he gay n he killed her n the owl senario omg …a cat attacked her …a dog attacked her …a rat attacked her omg if an intruder killed her what reason no rape n took no money!

  • Diamond Leigh says:

    I dont believe him!!!!! One too many women died the same way who was in his life!!!! He’s gay and he probably hate women secretly…. I don’t believe this old man and he should have done more Time!!! I’ve seen innocent people willing to do life than admit to a crime they did not commit…. He also admitted in civil court to her daughter he was responsible for killing her… .. No way, that guy murdered both those women and have gotten away with it……. Makes me angry and so upset 😠

  • mamaknows says:

    1st wife never remarries is friend and working partner with Elizabeth. Isnt she a suspect? She stayed close thru entire investigation. Both Elizabeth and 2nd wife Kathleen had deep lacerations on their heads. The blood went from top of stairwell to bottom along the walls, not the floor. The floor would have most of the blood not the walls if these women just fell. Obviously whatever caused the scratches to their heads was maybe a fireplace rake. Could even be a blow dryer hairbrush or equivalent. Lord let the truth come forward. The murderer could have been a lover, first wife, or Michael but those women were murdered, not by a silly owl that traveled from USA to Germany. Quit with the ridiculous already.

  • Steve Jones says:

    he killed her.

  • nl love says:

    Nope, guilty as hell

  • bella2019 says:

    He should still be in jail – he had two wives who died the same way – come onnnnn – he is guilty as sin

  • bella2019 says:

    Dr oz is about medical facts but I don’t get why his show interview profile cases – this isn’t dateline news -dr oz you need to focus on medical issues

  • bella2019 says:

    He closed his eyes when he said it wasn’t me – that says it all

  • bella2019 says:

    He must have paid this ex wife for this interview

  • Karen Willard says:

    This is date line stuff. Dr oz stock to medicine & health.

  • Bridgette Hattingh says:

    This guy is guilty, just by the way he speaks. He speaks in a fast nervous tone. Never answers questions directly.

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