Is It Safe to Travel During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

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Is It Safe to Travel During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

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  • iridefast1 says:

    No stay home.

  • Aliciaek says:

    Besides, borders are closed…

  • El Guero says:

    I always spend the 25k for a private jet and take 6 family member’s with me.

  • S Smith says:

    Only for groceries, work, and Pokémon

  • Studio1231 says:

    People please stay in your own zone!!!!!

  • Jennifer Davis says:

    Duh …girl use your common sense! 😷🤯😱🙈

  • robertk2007 says:

    Why chance it?? Safe or not

  • Camille P says:

    Dr Oz – I think not, but can a carrier ‘not’ get the full impact of the virus?? Eg the younger adults??

  • Dan Illahi says:

    yes and absolute no.

    I said because it means no.

  • Penrose says:

    “Be careful who and what you trust. Salt and sugar look the same.”

    My 2 cents on this Coronavirus: This is all a lie and a set-up for something bigger coming. The rich elites around the world are trying to take away everything from the poor and working class people, their property, savings, businesses, minds and even their soul. 11MILLION PEOPLE DIE from the common flu every year and no one lifts a freaken finger. These elites are changing the government from a Democracy to an Oligarchy right in front of your gullible eyes. Make sure you guys stay far away from their miracle BS Vaccine coming up. I think they will add that high tech micro-chip in it, which would make it possible for them to send, recieve, exchange and store data from every human being connected to it via 5G. If successful, they will turn us into zombies, slaves or “human computers”, where they would have the ability to hack, flip the switch on us whenever they feel like it. Keep you in status-quo or send you a virus, manipulate your bodys chemistry, pin point your location, and even cause a premature death if you don’t live by their rules. They might even force vaccinate everyone later, and say you can’t go to work, get this, get that, or make any purchases if you don’t get it. The change is coming. DO NOT TAKE THAT FREAKEN VACCINE!…for those who read and follow the Bible, it is called “THE MARK OF THE BEAST”

  • Gayle Bertinelli says:

    Y r people asking such stupid questions? No it is not alright to travel this is war people.

  • Queen Nita says:

    Some people will take a care on their lives until the doctor say that their dying then feel sad… SMH

  • stefan stoss says:

    yes with a marseilles remedy thieves oil soake dmask on take it seriously

  • Linda Murray says:

    We live fulltime in an rv and are traveling home, so we stay inside most of the time, my husband wears gloves when pumping gas

  • penguins can fly says:


  • Anna MU says:

    While people continue to travel Covid19 will keep getting around too, second wave of corona virus perhaps already now in China!

  • Dina N says:

    I haven’t watched this but the thumbnail really pissed me off. Why even ask this question at all?🤦🏻‍♀️😡

  • Starr Rivers says:

    Keep yourself at home. Stop spreading to other localities. It’s Not the time to be traveling!

  • A dina says:

    Of course it’s not safe to travel! People traveling here and there have spread the virus.

  • Kevin Sellers says:

    Depends on how bad u need to go

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