Intermittent Fasting : What to Eat When – Recipes to Crack Your Body’s Optimal Time

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Intermittent Fasting : What to Eat When – Recipes to Crack Your Body's Optimal Time

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  • Mia Henderson says:

    Perfect💙 💎💪🏽😉

  • Abu Huraira says:

    Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together

  • Eddie Fargo says:

    How can I the book ?

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    Your Facebook , visit group link not found?

  • Ilongga Mama says:

    Pair it up with a no sugar and low carb (maybe even keto) diet, and you won’t even feel any hunger pangs while fasting. 👌

  • Yuuki says:

    IF helped me to be way more conscious about what I eat, since I could only eat so much I realized I had to make it count, thanks to that change on my lifestyle I lost more than 50lbs, still missing the last 20lb but I’ve been honestly slacking this lockdown.

  • Deidra B says:

    Been doing this for a month and it works!!

  • pauline callahan says:

    I think dr Oz has been watching dr berg videos 🤣🤣

  • Alma Paz says:

    But doesn’t wheat have GLUTEN. ? so, this is not a gluten free recipe??

  • Jennifer Blazek says:

    Very enjoyable and educational episode . I would appreciate the AMOUNTS of ingredients be listed in the quickie sound bytes used in recipes in future as cookbook authors promote sale of their books . Experienced cooks can estimate from the visual appearance .Novices NEED amounts and techniques LISTED.

  • Mike Gutrugianios says:

    One word …KETO diet the rest is book selling in this video……………….

  • one happy says:

    I have 2 jobs. Im.barley ends meet. My day starts at 6am to 11pm. Any one have a tip what time I should start to eat.

  • Christy Reynolds says:

    I do alternate day fasting. On fasting days I drink lots of water but nothing with calories. I’m also vegan.

  • Cheryl Pearson says:

    Paired IF and keto and lost 56 pounds when nothing, nothing! else worked. First meal in afternoon and often my only meal… so probably doing 20/4. Thanks Dr Berg, Dr Fung and others!

  • Chris Kilgour says:

    Snake diet gets real results with out selling you some garbage money grab book. Fasting is real health. Any fattys that read this need to fast until they have a six pack. Take control away from these drug dealing girls. They have no experience with real fasting, that’s why they will say it’s not safe

  • millie skrtich says:


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