Inside The Lungs Of A Covid-19 Patient Days After He Had No Symptoms

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Inside The Lungs Of A Covid-19 Patient Days After He Had No Symptoms

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  • Aminah B says:

    Omg 😱..May God protect us

  • Drew says:

    Need more background and details on this patient. It seems that they were an unusual case and may have gotten the more tenacious strain because there is more than one out there. This still seems to me to be a bio engineered/ altered virus.

    • ironmiketodd says:

      These 2 jerkoffs seem really motivated on scaring the hell out of the hypochondriacs. They have no business talking about this case without given the age, lifestyle, and physical health of this person before the coronavirus. Why do some people survive cancer? There is a lady around the corner from me Who has stage for ovarian cancer and it metastasized into her bones she’s had it for a couple of years, the other day she got tested and show zero signs of cancer. I think Dr. OZ Will do anything for ratings. Now I’m going to hide back under my bed!

    • Idylchatter says:

      @ironmiketodd Maybe she learned about Panacur or for homone driven cances, Fish Bendazole.

    • ironmiketodd says:

      Idylchatter I’m glad you mentioned that…. NO she Is a devout Christian and all of us brothers and sisters in Christ have been praying diligently for her. I didn’t mention that because most people think of God like they do Santa Claus.

    • Lady Day says:

      From the Country where Dump Killed the General. They said they cursed us and America would pay.

    • ironmiketodd says:

      Lady Day There is a witch right now with a voodoo doll of you, so go hide back under your bed LOL

  • tommy d u b b s says:

    There’s too much odd information about this, now it’s simply a cough to pneumonia? Need to get these facts together…..

  • D Light says:

    that would be hard to say consider, too many variables/ factors, like the condition of the lungs before a person got sick .what they did to take care of themselves when they were sick .what they’ve done after being sick to help the lungs heal. Along with environmental factors; air quality, their personal habits, the dryness and temp of the air they live in.

  • Janel Buckley says:

    I hope they investigate his history and days before he ended up in the hospital to give them some clues. Does the CDC do this?

  • Hcaz Htims says:


  • 144Donn says:

    I do not know how I would feel going to a “Dr Mortman”- Being April 1, I could not resist- but seriously, Keep up the good work men!

  • Sara Neal says:

    This is serious

  • AB Ba says:

    CCP 🇨🇳 Virus. PERIOD.

  • Grasshopper says:

    This is precisely why the Chinese recommended getting CT scans when the patient presented to hospital instead of sending them home until symptoms got worse. No one is listening though.

  • Robert Anderson says:

    What happens when the world loses their doctors nurses….look at the weak points rn

    • Alex C. says:

      +Robert Anderson Exactly. They need to be protected at all costs.

    • Judi Gemini says:

      Which is why people should stay at home, wear masks(not ppe) etc do everything they can to stop spreading the virus…The worst case scenario is overwhelmed hospitals and global shortage of doctors, it could get really really bad if people don’t take it seriously

    • Robert Anderson says:

      Worst case scenario step one. Aircraft carriers. Stricken. Floating as the headstrong dont want to contaminate our country. Pets and dogs will be our downfall.

    • Robert Anderson says:

      Imagine having a quarantine lockdown and you have a 10-90 pound pet that needs walking.

    • Robert Anderson says:

      @Alex C. cost is a proverbial carrot and doctors are a rare mentally select breed. That has in the past been only driven by money and a chess like ego. And if that breed was put into statistical numbers, one could say is part of an endangered but select field of “education”.

  • Elaine Humphrey says:

    Would love to know his history. Did he smoke? What other underlying problems? Height and weight?

  • johnnybgoode1950 says:

    Did this patient have underlying risk factors that worsened the coourse of the infection?

  • martha fazzini says:

    This “ THING” is Evil!!! Lord help us. Lord help the Physicians, Nurses, Respiratory therapists, aides, housekeeping, nutrition departments, security, phone operators.

  • Darius Olfus says:

    He had no symptoms this is crazy

  • Milo Pas says:

    Age of patient?a smoker?a person with other sickness like respiratory problems,heart problem, diabetes ?no other info aside from being a patient.

    • soli Sanchez says:

      Milo Pas
      I agree.. Most people dying of this virus have had underlying health conditions. Sadly, even the infant who passed due to COVID-19. I am convinced that this has been made worse by the Leftist media and the Democrat politicians.
      This article shows the reckless
      actions taken by the healthcare system from the top during this virus under Trump’s watch. As compared to the H1N1 under Obama’s watch. It does prove too, that Trump acted accordingly in regards to closing the borders.

    • Nina Maxine says:

      soli Sanchez you’re kidding me? Democrats made it worst? Democrats were the ones talking about it. Trump was at a rally saying it was a democrat hoax. Please stop watching Faux news because they all thought it was a joke if you don’t remember. Please do your research. Trump said at one time he knows everything before we here about it. He knew about this virus and down played it. He fired everyone in the Pandemic dept (dumb). A lot of people have died under his watch because of his nonsense and LYING!!!

  • A G says:

    This shows again where they should start treatment with hydroxychloroquine very early on, as soon as the patient has any symptoms or tests positive for covid19. Even if the symptoms are mild at first. Because once moderate to severe symptoms start is often too late to stop them from dying. The ventilators don’t really seem to make a whole lot of difference in their mortality.

  • Masine King says:

    Would they please stop lying about this virus its killing people without underlined health problems.

  • Super Sic-o says:

    why did i click🥺 anxiety and asthma just went to level 10

  • Super Sic-o says:

    is it just me but they were really bland about the patient passing away

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