Inside the Desperate Search For a Vaccine

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Inside the Desperate Search For a Vaccine

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  • Isabella Q says:

    Wooooowwwwwwwwwww…………. i do current events on the carona virus in S.S

  • Norvell Arnett says:

    No I’m second to comment

  • Open your eyes says:

    That makes me the third?

  • exotic illusion says:

    Really scary & sad

  • Just Me says:

    Why not list where to get info?

  • gospos1 says:

    I prefer this Dr Oz to the guy interviewing Dog the Bounty Hunter…though he does that well too

  • Alejandra Ayala says:

    So scary

  • Alejandra Ayala says:

    So scary

  • steely dan says:

    Don’t take the shot 💉💉💉⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️

  • Abba’s Ark Homestead says:

    Ahem is this going to be the vaccine that is more likely to kill or maim us than protect us

  • Abba’s Ark Homestead says:

    You all do know that we are not accepting this without evidence. We are preparing our immune systems not relying on untested vaccines

  • hackLAB says:

    Bye- Unsubscribed, clickbait – anxiety – provoking video . No THaNKYOU.

  • SoCAL Doll says:

    Propaganda to get us to take vaccines

  • JB 2019 says:

    you are fake news

  • cetin Amsterdam says:

    Thanks for this, but the most lies are from W.H.O

  • Ifkica Ivana says:

    OMG I can’t believe you are admitting it! Yes there was a drill or simulation of a preparation for the Pandemic Coronavirus. And yet the biggest concern for you is INFORMATION CONTROL? Because you are not actuly giving full info about this virus…. only the Wuhan China leaks are capable of informing people on time to take bigger preparation for this. …that is helping people to get more aware of the hyegine and get some more food supplies just in case.
    Why are you hating on independent journalism so much if you are not afraid of hiding something!? I guess you are afraid and we all need to comply because your vaccines.

  • InfusedSediment says:

    In the 1950s, rhesus monkey kidney cells, which contain Simian Virus 40 (SV40) if the animal is infected, were used in preparing polio vaccines. SV40 is a cancer causing virus that now infects humans thanks to the US government.
    Because SV40 was not discovered until 1960, no one was aware in the 1950s that the polio vaccine could be contaminated. Almost 100,000 people were given a vaccine with this cancer-causing agent. Both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and vaccine giant Merck admitted this atrocity publicly.
    Dr. Maurice Hilleman, MD, a renowned scientistwho developed Merck’s vaccine program and dozens of vaccines, made astounding revelations to the public that Merck had been injecting this dangerous virus into people worldwide.

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