Incredible Coronavirus Recovery Stories

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Incredible Coronavirus Recovery Stories

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  • 0e32 says:

    Hi from Sweden! Hyroxiklorokin seams to work fine in eary symptoms of Corona. All the symptoms are gone for 12 h eatch tablet and i took totaly 4,5 Plaquenil tablets of 200 mg in 3 days and its all gone now.

  • DouglasMoreman says:

    in Baton Rouge.
    I suspect these are important
    * Vitamin D.
    * Metabolic fitness (related to consumption of carbohydrates or of seed-oils).
    * Accumulation of “aerosol” particles in confined spaces.

  • Johnny Curtis says:

    Need to stop the spread of the virus people who are not having any symptoms are the problem that is the perfect wepon of the virus

  • little starseed says:

    Good news
    USC did a study a d the death rate is .01 to .03
    Yay it’s less harmful than the common flu

  • Sandy Jque says:

    So because of a hate propagated by the Dem leader’s and their fake News She didn’t give her son Hydroxychloroquine and suffered needlessly and risked her son’s life? Every death is squarely upon the Dems and Dr Fauci,Birx , CIA mockingbird Media and the globalist NWO pre-planned pandemic puppet’s..Who do so much evil see out of Shadows or watch it with IntheMatrixxx and learn how to research for yourself and help fight these evil people who operate in the shadows … and the Holy Bible… conspiracy facts! Join the greatest Spiritual Awakening happening world wide support President Trump’s fight exposing this present Darkness..My people perish for lack of knowledge…even our doctors are brainwashed and educated by the globalist NWO Rockefeller Gates Soros controlled University, a subversion of America the Light of Freedom to the world…sold out to China to line their pockets ,Biden, Pelosi Schumer Schiff HRC Soros…the real snake oil salesmen for decades… Saul Alinski rules for Radicals dedicated to lucifer is their play book and the evil worship of Baal…. John 10 10

    • John Hansen says:

      She didn’t know it was the CCP virus until they were in the hospital, but yes I would to consider HQC as a possibility of treating all types of flu. As Dr. Stephen Smith says using the anti-malaria drugs for virus treatments is all new territory. In spite of the Communist dictatorship, the Chinese doctors were the first to suggest that anti-malaria drugs showed promise…

  • Kaye Dico says:

    I would Love to know if the Dr.’s little boy received the “pneumonia shot” after her started to get better? I know when I had pneumonia they gave me the shot. I have been doing a lot of research on the vaccinations and immunizations the pesticides, Aluminum, Mercury they put into them. We need to do the “RESEARCH” people who have gotten the flu shots in the past are more susceptible to contracting the disease. Dr’s do not even do the research on what is actually in those vaccines they try n force us to get. Our Children since the 90’s are being damaged that is why today there is so many cases of Autism, teenagers are suicidal and live in deep depression. please do your OWN research and see for yourself.

    • Warrior Tder says:

      Kaye Dico it’s said people who got BCG vaccine has less problems with their lungs during this virus breakout in Asia. In China kids are mandated to get BCG vaccine. Not all vaccine are harmful.

  • Amanda Fevrier says:

    I like👍🏾to hear good news , stay positive

  • its me says:

    BS oz scarin ppl again! Big Orpah, yes Orpah puppet!

  • Dillard Hayes says:

    This really makes me wonder when was this virus actually introduced into our population….I keep hearing February but I’m not believing it.
    I’m thinking it was more like December. My son and I had some kind of virus on Jan 15th that kicked our a**es…

    • Islamisthecultofsin says:

      +Dillard Hayes They tested a corpse in California and it came back positive and the person had died at least a month earlier than the first official case. They think it had been spreading in New York as well which is why they got hit so much harder than other cities. New York also didn’t do anything for a month after Trump ordered social distancing which is another reason.

  • Mrs_L_ Samich says:

    Man oz look tried !! Thank you doctors and nurses who served there services thank you and also goes out to the law enforcements , Fire Departments ,farmers, truck drivers and military thank you for your service as well ‘ may god bless you all and god bless AMERICA 🇺🇸 💪🙏 ❤!!

  • girlygirl 4life says:

    so if there is no cure for covid 19. how are people recovering? is the treatment the cure?

    • Su Rose says:

      They rely on their own immunity system.

    • Islamisthecultofsin says:

      +girlygirl 4life Hydroxychloroquine and zinc is the cure. Quercetin is a supplement that is supposed to transport zinc into cells as well. Vitamin D3 supplement will also boost your immune system, you can also sunbath for 15 minutes a day. Most people will get over the virus on their own. The fatality rate has been calculated at 0.17% and 0.1% and it could go even lower as the number of people who have had the disease increases from antibody testing.

  • hana hany says:

    Somebody bring with clothes, shoes or grocery staff

  • John Hansen says:

    Was the rest of family tested for COVD 19? The Dr. Mom or sisters could still be carriers….

  • Aida Qoshja says:

    She so stone Mam my krain never stop

  • John Hansen says:

    So appreciate Dr. Oz’s work on these videos..

  • Brandy says:


  • S A says:

    Could you please interview Dr Seheult from MedCram? He has great tips to fight virus.

  • shnt3571 says:


  • HEADBANGRR says:

    The Wuhan virus purposely sent by the murdering Communists!

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