Incredible Coronavirus Recovery Stories

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Incredible Coronavirus Recovery Stories

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  • Dina N says:

    Where is her scar from the intubation? Under her necklace? Not trying to be disrespectful.

  • HEADBANGRR says:

    Those so called doctors don’t know how to use ventilators correctly THEY killed thousands!

    • Ndlovukazi Yasolwandle says:


    • Granma Bern says:

      Nah. They tried to help with ventilators but found out the hard way that it was not the fix they thought it was. Even then, only two percent got intubated, and only when they were in dire straits. Now they think the lungs can’t transfer oxygen because the virus affects red blood cells. They are trying cpaps and oxygen instead.

  • Keto Karbs says:

    She shouldn’t have been put on a ventilator when she first went in!!
    LISTEN……She says she went in and said “I have to stay” …… the vent made her worse….. She wasn’t gasping for air. The hospital got the 29,000
    for putting her on the vent…Something so wrong here!!! Some hospitals and Dr’s are trash!!!

  • Linda Flores says:

    Beautiful story this is a POWER OF PRAYER

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