IMF Says ‘the Great Lockdown’ Is Likely to Cause Worst Recession Since 1930s

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  • TTBurger88 says:

    People are saying it is starting to peak and is going to better i dont see it happening

  • 9639 jc says:

    Make China pay war damages to us.

  • icecreamlady driver says:

    This is one of those cases where the cure is worse than the disease. I call BS.

  • Dan Mimis says:

    There are two pandemics right now: (1) the western liberalism (for many years already) and (2) the one generated by the CCP virus. We need a vaccine for both of them PRONTO!

  • Cat N Hat says:

    Choices must be made.
    Getting an accurate SARS-CoV-2 antibody test for widespread use should be high priority. How will we know where we are in the pandemic without it? We also need to determine how long immunity lasts.

  • Tom says:

    amazing video

  • Dorothy Young says:

    Shame on you Dr. Oz for promoting human implanted RFID.

  • Dorothy Young says:


  • tmc che says:

    We can count on the IMF trying to make it so.

  • moon月亮 says:

    The whole world must BOW and Thanks the Great Chinese Communist Party CCP 。 USA , WAKE UP fellows of America, Wake Up Now

  • The Catholic Girl says:

    These are the same types of “experts” that predicted 2.2M in the US would die that created this recession. Here’s the take away: ignore the experts, they’re bad for your health, bad for your wallet and bad for your freedoms. Screw them all. Live you life. DON’T EVER LET THEM DO THIS TO YOU AGAIN!

  • Maverick Maverick says:

    Trump:”I will ignore a pandemic and then make china pay for it.”
    China made a mistake with this clown in office. What you want to bet on thst he will do something drastic to them out of retaliation.

  • TheMonicagal says:

    Enough of the scary music on Dr Oz…geez

  • Waldemar Ishibashi says:

    Chose your expert wisely.
    Politics matter. Politicians make decisions that affect all of us.
    Democracy is not a privilege, it is a responsibility.

  • reviews&BS says:

    I’m down. Hopefully the house’s in Los Angeles go lower.

  • Steve Molloy says:

    As long as Deutsche Bank is propped up.

  • randy szymkowski says:

    Lockdown to deal with this is bull shiza. This is the first time in human history that half the planet is placed in lockdown due to a pandemic. Quarantining healthy people is madness!

    • Steve Lopez says:

      randy szymkowski The Lock down yea pain in the neck. The worst is yet to come, out of fear they will control and change our lives and we will allow oppression out of fear.

  • BossMan says:

    Pray and believe in God, and your Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Amen

  • Max Inpains says:


  • Cherryblossom ink says:

    I hope people that watch this understand why staying in side is better for the world and people and less death counts instead of protesting to go outside and work during this time 🤔

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