I Was Stalked! Would You Know What to Do If Someone Was Stalking You? – Part 2

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I Was Stalked! Would You Know What to Do If Someone Was Stalking You?

Dr. Oz shares staggering statistics about stalking, and tells us that the vast majority of victims are not celebrities. In fact, 85 percent of stalking victims know their stalker. Hear from a woman who was tormented for 10 years, beginning at age 13.

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  • Mary madrigal says:

    This is crazy

  • sherry p says:

    I knew it even had to be a family member of someone close enough to be able to get her diary. Shame on her mother I bet she knew all along😕

  • Rose J says:

    I knew they would leave prevention at the very end of video.

  • Esti Ray says:

    @1:55 Dr.oZ is legit confused and shocked lol sorry but his face at this hour has me cracking up🤣 p.s. I know this is serious but I had to laugh to keep from remembering my stalking story. Man it’s disgusting and disturbing. I remember my underwear being taken and having letters be sent to my aunts house along with weird phone calls saying they were on their way to my aunt’s house to do perverted things. Come to find out it was my aunts boyfriend. He was CREEPY and old smh and she’s still with him. I was 14, 15, and 16 when this all went down. Now in my 30s I thank God for always protecting me and having his angels watch over me. God is good and without him horrible things could have happened to me living in a big city! Praise him🙏🏽😇❤

    • Gold & Diamond Mind Gold & Diamond Mind says:

      That’s the only way to describe these kinds of people, CREEPY ! They are predators, and when you’re a good person it’s hard to wrap your head around sick, twisted, demented people with sick, devious, warped, deranged minds, BUT they exist and we just have to realize it and not be naive about what some people are capable of. Yes, God and his Angels DID protect you. Thank God you’re ok. Your Aunt is almost as bad as this monster is. It’s alway’s these enablers coddling these monstrous beasts, it seizes to amaze me. Anyway, there are people in this world of different levels of consciousness and some are in the gutter, and some are with God and his Angels, and a lot of the sewer dwellers wear masks and you can’t always see them coming, but the Lord reveals them to his children when he is ready. God bless you, and stay safe !

  • Alicia Palomino says:

    I’ve had a stalker who was a so called “Professional Photographer” who approached me
    As I was washing my new car in front of my house and asked me if I could do some Modeling
    Work for him & I was a Model,Actress with representation. I asked him if he had a business card
    He said he’d be back with one. I was babysitting 3 preschool aged children and my son was playing
    With them and our Sheltie “Charger” on a Beautiful Sunny Day in the month of May,wearing a bikini top
    With my Daisy Duke Jean Shorts. I remember getting a creepy feeling when he approached me which
    Is why I asked him for his business card. A short while he returns with a Postcard of a Blonde Good
    Looking Male and wrote his name and phone number on it. I’m super Thankful for Local Law Enforcement
    Officers, Especially Officer Larson who was a good friend and responded quickly after I brought my then
    6 year old son and his 3 friends inside our house and told him that I was approached by this creepy guy .
    Turns out the creepy guy was my then neighbor who lived across the street in a upstairs unit that had
    Direct views of my front porch,door and various windows who was on probation for various sexual assault
    Crimes of other Models and 1 of his probation conditions was he was not allowed to solicit to other
    Models. I’ll have to finish my terrifying experience with my stalker on a future date. Trust your gut feeling.
    I hope this helps other people going through a similar situation. I remember picking my then Stalker
    In a lineup. It was like a very scary movie that I wish I wasn’t a part of. Stay Safe Out There.
    Thank You for taking the time to read my Stalker Experience.

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