I Was Stalked! Would You Know What to Do If Someone Was Stalking You? – Part 1

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I Was Stalked! Would You Know What to Do If Someone Was Stalking You? – Part 1

Dr. Oz shares staggering statistics about stalking, and tells us that the vast majority of victims are not celebrities. In fact, 85 percent of stalking victims know their stalker. Hear from a woman who was tormented for 10 years, beginning at age 13.

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  • Angela Snyder says:

    I was stalked years ago by a crazy ex husband. You have to protect yourself I did.

  • Mary madrigal says:

    People are crazy

    • Rose J says:

      Nobody thinks it will happen to them. When I hear news stories, many of the victims, according to the report details about the crime, left themselves vulnerable in preventable ways.

  • Mary madrigal says:

    Ok where is part 2?!?!?

  • Sandra Williams says:

    I remember when I was growing up back in the Caribbean this guy started stalking me from 7th grade but he was a grown man who use to deem himself a prophet on the island and he was Jesus. My mom had to file a retraining order against him. He still harassed me the only how he stopped was when I got in high school and my boyfriend at the time was a badass, and that guy was afraid of him that’s how he stopped. Eventually I moved off the island.

    • Rose J says:

      Even though he was delusional that he thought he was a prophet, he still was “sane” enough to know keep himself safe from getting his a** whooped by your boyfriend. Ain’t that something!

  • CrazyCrapCutter says:

    Who else came in because you mistook the thumbnail woman for Jennifer Aniston?

  • Zoe Du Jour says:

    “Everyday people, like you and me.”

    Ok, Dr. Jan

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