I Lost $1,000,000 in a Online Love Scam

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I Lost $1,000,000 in a Online Love Scam

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  • Gurudra - Emotional Health & Peace says:

    These scamsters do nothing but exploit your greed and desires, you get so blind in getting more that you forget looking at simple logic

  • Sandra Williams says:

    I would never send money to anyone on social media, never I’m very sceptical of anyone who you rarely know asking for money, that’s a red flag right there. Anyone you befriend on any social sites and say you only no them like say a week and they ask for money that’s a red flag. I trust no one. Men should not even be asking a woman for money unless you no them personally and for a long time as a friend and they really need it. You just can’t be naive to these types of people online. I’ve had people guys ask me for money who I hardly no my response always be I’m from the Caribbean we don’t give out money we make money.😂😂😂 Anyway I don’t believe in online dating. I gotta be face to face I have old school ways.😂 I find alot of these scams be in Africa.🙄

  • Abu Huraira says:

    If you succeed in cheating someone Don’t think that the person is a fool
    Realize that the person trusted you much more than you deserved

  • Cassidy Day says:

    They are always project managers…..you’ll find they are from Grenada or Nigeria. Big business there…..

  • nadia562010 says:

    This happened to my mother. Made me so angry that someone would do this to her. Humans are disgusting!

  • Faarax Shidan says:

    This lady is kind, human is bad who knows how she is will act to the strangers after this

  • Sina Ala says:

    Stay out of Dr Phil’s lane! 😂

  • Pure Bread says:

    Successful business man
    60 dollars for a friend

  • E S says:

    Anyone that sends money to someone they don’t deserves to be ripped off. There’s a sucker born every minute

  • Maxine F says:

    Wow 😳. He was living large on that million dollars. Lol.

  • Mira Fawn says:

    You didn’t *lose* a Million, you gave it away to a scammer. So sad 🤦‍♀️

  • amanda wiseman says:

    So wait a second….she was just looking for a friend but was making scrapbooks thinking it would be family history?

  • Kelsey Black says:

    “I had never heard of an issue with online dating” this woman is a FOOL. She should have set fire to her $1,000,000 – might have had more fun. I can’t get over how stupid some women are! How desperate can you be to give some random person on the internet money?

  • herbielina says:

    Sweet lady. But who are we hiring in the
    INTELLIGENT community?

  • Sekina G says:

    Intelligence Officer?

  • Geraldine Mckernan says:

    I don’t believe her story …..She will get money from her potential book deal ….who logs that amount of content ?

  • 876ME says:

    A FB friend from overseas asked my mom for money. She immediately blocked him lol. My mom is no fool! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • 51 and Happy says:

    This was very interesting, but your title is clickbait and to me that’s unacceptable. She overemphasized it was a friendship only. She said several times she wasn’t looking for love.

  • Him Bike says:

    The instance someone online asks u for money, run.
    It would’ve been so much cheaper for her to fly to London and knock on his door

  • Him Bike says:

    I met a lady online. She just asked
    “Does anyone want to exercise with me?”
    I said sure and sent her a bio of me.
    We ended up walking 2hrs a day every Tuesday Thursday.
    She lost 100lbs in one year !!!!
    She said she chatted with about 50 Guys from her ad and I was the only normal one.
    One day we were walking and she said
    “I like u Joe, you don’t try to wrap your life around my life.”
    She was very rich
    I’m very poor.

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