Humans Behaving Badly Caught On Tape

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Humans Behaving Badly Caught On Tape

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  • wh4le says:


  • Nikki Vivienne says:

    Cameras everywhere folks, you may just go viral

  • Darlene Baldock says:

    Dude that guy attacked you because you asked him for it….NOT BECAUSE YOUR SHORT!!!!

  • realradiant1 R says:

    He is so self justified.

  • Sharon Bowers says:

    So sad. 😢

  • Patricia Bartosik says:

    He doesn’t take any responsibility for his behavior…and needs to go back into mental health treatment.

    • Heather Frampton says:

      I was saying that out loud when he was justifying his behavior. “but… but…” He’s taking no responsibility. Ugh… I changed the channel. 🙄

    • Teri says:

      He is getting himself worked up just talking about it on the show, he seriously has anger issues. He sounds like the angry incells. He even tried to say a psychologist said he is justified!

  • ZOOM IN ASMR says:

    My neighbour scratched my car twice..😢

  • Abu Huraira says:

    Being able to walk pain free is a blessing
    Being able to walk without showing the pain is a skill

  • The Best says:

    I hate him. Gay guys want attractive males also but nobody condemns gays for being shallow within thier own gender. This is why we need feminism. He had a stroke because he is full of anger and stress.

    • toxykzone says:

      The Best Maybe we need msculinism. Feminism has been around for almost more than 50 years and it didn’t solve none of men’s problems. And look at you, you said you “hate” him. Hate is no good, you might have as much anger issues as him lol

      And idk why you bring up homosexual relationships that’s so out of the subject. Also you have no proof that gays are shallow, that’s just you vomiting b*llshit. Male to male relations are different from male to female relations

  • Rouge Cierge says:

    Short temper!

  • Sarah Marino says:

    Honestly I understand his frustration . I feel so bad for him . Like he does need anger management help , but he seems to be having a stressful time.
    He isn’t a boy . He is a grown man . He just needs to learn to control his anger . It’s important to understand one another . In a level of Reality. And I feel compassion for him. I hope he recovers and seeks for help .

  • Uncle Mike says:

    Power of one! Love that

  • Dilara Tüysüz says:

    People are so rude right now, everybody nervous and rude to each other. What is the reason?

  • Donielle Hasty says:

    No more offers of help at this time for him. Now he thinks we need more discourse in the world. More people who behave like that. You tried Dr. Oz.

  • jda58tex says:

    So obviously, he does not get it. He’s the bully. The guy that tackled him did so to ensure the safety of the others in the bagel shop. Also, Karma…

  • Nicole Luter says:

    If you listen to what this man (at the bagel shop) says, it’s clear he REALLY has NOT released his anger against women and society. Honestly, he sounds like a sociopath, it sounds so deep. I’m sorry he had a stroke. Maybe it’ll slow him down and be a real awakening for him. Who knows.

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