How Will The Supply Chain Hold Up During The Extended Quarantine?

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How Will The Supply Chain Hold Up During The Extended Quarantine?

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  • Luis Velazquez says:

    It has to do with the administration from the leaders like governor, mayor, local coordinators. I strongly believe it has to do with the corruption of political corrupted parties. Don’t try to make us get used to this crap.

  • steely dan says:

    If people don’t get back to work soon it’s going to be a really bad nightmare

    • becksta29 says:

      steely dan ikr it’s going to make things worse imo. I mean it’s bad enough with the virus but we need our businesses especially all essential businesses back up and running to make the world run smoothly. I mean this running out of medication bs is ridiculous and shouldn’t be happening at all.

    • Bunny Bubs says:

      steely dan it’s past that already .. add testing stopped.. oh boy … here comes wave after wave

  • Edwards James says:

    Pandemic happens, food should be most important but everyone’s worried about taking dumps…

    • becksta29 says:

      Lmao ikr it’s pathetic 😂 I mean we can live without loo roll. Worst comes to worst you just use face washers or paper or something like that. You can always wash the face washer in hot water etc I mean it’s not the end of the world to have no loo roll and if people were not so greedy they would have loo roll on the shelves

    • BassManBobBassCovers says:

      Not going to poop if you don’t have any food 🙂

  • icecreamlady driver says:

    Where is all the food that the restaurants aren’t selling? We aren’t consuming more food, it is just shifted so we shouldn’t be so short.

  • Gloria Burkett says:

    Why is almond flour almost doubled in price at Costco?!!!

    • becksta29 says:

      shadowdragoon 28 exactly

    • becksta29 says:

      Gloria Burkett it’s happening with heaps of things in Australia too

    • Gloria Burkett says:

      J J you are right! Went to amazon to see if it was cheaper and someone was selling the Kirkland brand almond flour for $27.00… Costco had it at $14.39.
      Two weeks ago bought it for $8.99.

    • shadowdragoon 28 says:

      @J J yes your right if there is a supply shortest but there’s not there actually a surplus right now with restaurants being shut down which means any price guaging right now is in fact illigal. In this state if you’re cought price guaging once you receive a fine and that’s the only warning you get after that they pull your business license for six months fine you again except a lot more and you have to reapply for a business license if more states did this you wouldn’t have $16 eggs and I’ve seen that here but the got cought and lowered it back down to $5 a box so the system works when applied

  • mihail cotofan says:

    Toilet paper 🧻🤣🤣🤣🤣 😆 start washing 👍 it’s safe and from the hygiene point of view, much healthier 😉👍

    • Lares Deces says:

      Very true. If anyone ever wants to see how effective toilet paper is at cleaning their assholes, try this experiment…

      Take a big piece of chocolate cake and mash it over and around your mouth. After, take 2 or 3 pieces of dry toilet paper and give your face a once over with each piece.

      Look in the mirror. Would you go out in public like that?

      Millions of people walk around with their asses looking just like that, and are oddly ok with it.

    • Riqrob says:

      @Lares Deces. I tried that with the choc. cake and my wife walked in on me mid-smear. She called 911 thinking I’d gone nuts. Thanks, pal. (sarcasm)

  • taresy6789pp Pang says:

    Answer stem cell therapy

  • Judy McCleary says:

    @Dr. Oz
    I just watched your video on “faith” & the hospital worker singing “Amazing Grace”. Thank you so much for putting this out. It’s so needed. Tried multiple times to comment & would not allow me. Then, video was deleted & said “private”. WHY WAS A FAITH BASED VIDEO CENSORED??? I hope you read this & do something about it.

  • ladeene06 says:

    Coffee, sugar…those things don’t come from inside the country. Thought borders wet closed to most of the world?Seriously..we have that much stocked up?

  • tmc che says:

    “We’re eating more in because we’re eating less out.” That creates a supply shortage.”

    Bravo Sierra. Ship the restaurant food products to the grocery stores and put a damn price tag on it. People are panic buying in excess anyways. Now they can buy it in one package, saving the normal packaged food for those not running around with their hair on fire.

  • Pancake Circus says:

    We could try intermittent fasting, since 40% overweight or obese.

    • Gloria Burkett says:

      Pancake Circus we do! 😂
      Still with food prices going up we are spending a lot more..
      I am making my kids walk an hour on the treadmill and I am not buying junk..

  • Monday Morning Quarterback says:

    Folks money will be long gone before the food supply.

  • Maxine F says:

    Thank God I drink unsweetened almond milk. There’s always plenty there. 😊

  • Michael Hinton says:

    I do all my grcery shopp;ing for the entire month at the first of every month. I have done this for years. Doesn’t putting limits on products increase your chance of exposure to the virus.

    • Sherri Exley says:

      I completely agree I shop for the whole month but there’s really no limit on food where we are other than toilet paper and stuff like that

    • Ur2ez4me81 says:

      Michael Hinton Not everyone has that luxury. For example I have a family of 5 & since 3 of my kids are home bc school is closed they eat much more even though some days we skip lunch.

  • Ann Ohalloran says:

    Dr oz you saved my life when you talked me into getting a colonoscopy. I am a single parent and you saved my daughter as well. Thank you!!!!!

  • billybrooks1 says:

    Just start mass producing toilet paper. I really dont get it

  • Bahar Aran says:

    You can find flour at international stores! I bought two 10km bags yesterday! Stay safe and well everyone!💖

  • Steven Bass says:

    It’s all about keeping the panic going.

  • 9OrangeKush9 says:

    Will the food chain hold up in America, lol is that a real question

  • Bob Thrasher says:

    When is someone going to ask Tony if he would take the hydroxychloroquine Dr Trump is recommending if he were admitted to the ICU?

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