How Vietnam, South Korea and Taiwan Have Kept COVID 19 in Check

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  • Crystal Telf says:

    But trump knew weeks ahead of time…he just chose to do nothing…why?

    • Thomas says:

      @Dina N it’s nothing funny about you troll!

    • Dina N says:

      Thomas …You commented to me, not the other way around.
      You seem to be losing it because I didn’t “behave” the way you wanted me to.
      I’m my own boss son.

      Okay! Now that you’ve gotten your long desired response, will you feel satisfied?

      I hope you’re okay and don’t go lose it on somebody. Be happy! That’s a choice. Have a good life. And that’s for real.

    • huyenluong phung says:

      @Dina N why don’t you tell that to your president to grow up and be like an adult. You can’t argue with facts so that is the only thing you come up with. Hey if the whole nation are adults like you said and taking care of themselves, then why need president right? Why not just let him be impeached and tell the whole nation to grow up like you do?

    • Dina N says:

      huyenluong phung 👍🏽👋🏽

    • Crystal Telf says:

      No, don’t be ignorant, that was totally something else. I don’t want to mix words with a brain washed trump supporter, but I will say…he was talking to his favorite Fox people and was talking about his pole numbers going up since the virus…he’s more popular than Monday night football….are you kidding me! People tune in not to see his ugly face or hear his lack of vocabulary …but to see what’s going on and what we should do. We don’t need him to come on and tell us, just sent out the experts.
      In the same breath, he said something fishy was going on in NYC…you know those doctors and nurses that I consider heroes…he says he thinks the investigators at fox should investigate why they went from needing 40,000 masks per year to needing 100,000 and still crying for more…he thinks they are stealing them! That the masks come in the front and out the back door…omg, seriously he is one sick piece! You can’t defend that crap!
      Look I get it, he’s the 1% and he helps his kind (unless ppl are looking and he has an opportunity) and you probably think your HIS kind, also of the 1% (congrats!), but we both know your not, but you like to stick up for a man (sort of) who has no family values and a potty mouth and is rich because he filled bankruptcy so many times, and the pheasants (you and me and all the other tax payers) paid for it.
      Please keep your garble to yourself…I don’t even want to hear it, your obviously part of the problem.

  • Tim says:

    cool video keep up the amazing work

  • Christopher Kime says:


  • trinileke says:

    Because none of those countries believed anything from CCP

  • jtcouch says:

    Glad somebody got it right; proves it WAS possible and IS possible. And that is called HOPE for U.S.

  • Diana da Goddess says:

    Wow 😷

  • deniz elli says:

    They had a little secret called MASK !!

  • Angelina Carraway35 says:

    The US Government is to greedy to react fast!!! They want that money to keep coming in n they know if ppl panic n stay home the $$$ will drop drastically so they keep quiet n hope it goes away which was the worse thing to do bc now it’s killing by the 1000s!!!!
    Or bc the US is so over populated the government is hoping to kill of 100,000s plus ppl so they keep quiet n allow it to spread n start doing its job!!!!
    Who knows y but it’s sad that other countries have more common sense than the US!!!!

    • Vanya Joyner says:

      Exactly this was planed I believe corona is on the bleach bottle Lysol spray and they have no cure

    • Sridhar Kaushik says:

      You seem paranoid.
      US is overpopulated!
      You should go to India to see what overpopulation means.
      US screwed up initially in not approving the best testing kit. CDC (Center for Disease Control) wanted its own kits to be used and these proved defective. Valuable time was lost in getting newer kits for testing.
      Also, New York did not take this thing seriously. NY Mayor was seen with Chinese crowd during their Lunar New Year celebration (early February) telling the crowd not to worry about the Wuhan outbreak and not ostracize the Chinese! Well that is where the virus entered US and spread rapidly. Politics scored over common sense!

  • BeckaH 11 says:

    You also notice EVERY person is wearing a MASK……

  • Every Word Is A Made-Up Word says:

    Honestly, if you want to survive, always do the opposite of what the WHO says

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    If there Ppl here would just stay home for days bunch got together to go 4-wheeling

  • Lena Black says:

    Bring the negative china men over here to help us then. Since they caused this big mess!

  • Señor Snatchworthy says:

    Everyone is wearing s mask, I’m sure that had nothing to do with their success! (sarcasm)

  • Nhu Quynh says:

    But trump and his staff said early on that they got it under control. Guess what !??

    • Crystal Telf says:

      What, you don’t believe in the miracle effect? How it would come and go like a miracle….lol. To keep eyes on him, he will make crap up and lie like a trooper!

  • Tin Toy says:

    DoctorOz, you shouldn’t include Vietnam.
    This clip shows how South Korea and Taiwan have kept Covid-19.
    But there’s no explanation what Vietnam did, except small confirmed number 203.

    In Southeast Asia, Cambodia 109, Myanmar 15, Laos has only 9. (March 31, 2020)
    Myanmar and Laos’s total case per population is much lower than Vietnam.

    We cannot learn anything from Southeast Asia’s statics.

    • Surphi10 says:

      Vietnamese here. I can confirm that my country is truly “overly cautious”. We closed schools when no one was infected, shut down a town when 10 people there were infected, applied forced quarantine to those who travelled from infected areas; and now have just declared nationwide pandemic when there are only over 200 cases/96mil inhabitants.
      I know Vietnam’s statics does not gain so much credit, but people here (including expats) feel pretty safe right now.

    • Kaori Tan says:

      because It is very different between Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries. I mean in the action of the gov and the citizens.

  • musaaid d says:

    Also their president wasn’t in denial and saying it will miraculously go away#trump

  • Sridhar Kaushik says:

    South Korea was not only able to develop a test kit so fast but was able to do RT-PCR in 7 minutes if this video is to be believed!
    US is able to speed up the test now and FDA approved a process by which this test will be done in 30 minutes at best!
    So, India should import this test kit from South Korea.
    Amazing country, this South Korea!
    Also, wearing a mask is just a small part of the whole process. N-95 masks don’t filter the virus which are 60 to 140 nanometer in size. Social distancing is much more important. There is also a recent research from Japan suggesting that this virus can be transmitted just by the process of microdroplets while talking!

    • Señor Snatchworthy says:

      The last part of your post is correct. Masks are a very important part in stopping or reducing the spread. They work, it’s why all health care workers r required to wear them at all times. If N95 didn’t filter the virus then all the healthcare workers would have gotten infected in 1 day closely interacting around Covid patients in the hospitals. They filter enough of the virus, without then susceptible to a large amount of inoculation. Like u said, just talking aerosolizes the virus. Also the US has as of yesterday developed and approved a Covid19 test that gives results in 5-15 minutes, not 30 minutes!

  • Dora A. Salazar says:

    This doesn’t look like a Dr. Oz presentation to me.

  • ACLS Rookie says:

    All masks had been plundered by some government organized oversea pro-communist Chinese at the beginning of this Wuhan virus outbreak and shipped them back to China.
    What is left for the rest of the world? Sickness and death, sad!

  • colombianbebe47 says:

    Singapore too it was controlled way more and their medical help was superb . I wish our government took these countries as influences to prevent it as it is now. Too many deaths and people sick because of the improper help and lack of medical supplies. I already lost 1 love ones and the other one is fighting for her live. 🙁

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