How To Quarantine Yourself

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How To Quarantine Yourself

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  • S.I.M.A ANDERSON says:

    Thanks Dr.

  • Suzanne Schulz says:

    I’m so bored and getting a little nuts. We in Illinois have to stay in.

  • heyguyslol GAMING says:

    Great video, now tell the rest of Americans how to get the resources to do this while they are unable to work during the isolation.

    • Msterri51 says:

      We have no wipes or sanitizer anywhere. Our pharmacy is using alcohol and aloe gel. Folks are now using Everclear alcohol mix for sanitizer. That’s desperate.

  • David Pearl says:

    My immune system needs to be outside getting fresh air vitamin D otherwise I’m going to go stir crazy. I’m in Bangkok Thailand and I keep a large distance from everybody except at grocery stores even then I do my best. If I was to quarantine at home 24 hours a day I’d be miserable. I do what I can to be responsible and at the same time I try to take care of my own needs

  • girlygirl 4life says:

    hearing the percentage makes me fear that anxiety will wreck havoc on my immune system. now i’m going need u to post a video about anxiety and the immune system.

  • Annette Melnychuk says:

    Next video you should do is a tutorial on how to go to the bathroom during this pandemic!

  • Louie Boe says:

    Thank you for taking time for this

  • Rita Lati says:

    You have a big house and a bathroom what about other ppl who don’t πŸ˜‚

  • DIAAFIT says:

    nice video. thanks for sharing.

  • Kate.C says:

    What do you do if your house is not like that one?

  • Linda Maxon says:

    Thank you

  • Leslie 62 says:

    If you have the virus, lay prone several times a day.

  • Nael L says:

    Thank you Dr Oz !

  • Patricia Nieto says:

    Yes , but i wished I had your Big Home ! πŸ˜€ . God bless you Dr. Oz. Thanks for sharing… πŸ€—. In Illinois too , staying home.

  • Monika s says:

    And how someone gives you food? What we should do?

  • cruise music says:

    Thanks Dr. Oz you are great

  • Glendora Living positive with Lupus says:

    Hi Dr Oz

  • T'Town Tim says:

    maybe another FAux Snooze appearance where you can lie some more

  • Ronda Norris says:

    “Dr. Oz, may I use YOUR empty room to quarantine?” 😷

  • Al JA says:

    How do you do this if family of 5 live in 3 bedroom 2 bathrooms home

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