How To Properly Disinfect Your Phone

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How To Properly Disinfect Your Phone

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  • LIL RXX says:

    I think wiping it with sanitizer n paper towel sounds better… js

  • MiVidaBellisima says:

    Keeping it in your car or pocket while you’re out it’s probably a good idea too so you’re not touching it with dirty hands.

  • Shviko says:

    nice content I really liked it

  • Shviko says:

    nice content I really liked it

  • Lenny Mitchell says:

    At this point you might as well wash your house with sanitizer

  • Debbie Hazelton says:

    Hi Dr. Oz, I respect you and your work very highly. What I am frustrated with here though is these things that are out here that are all visual. I happen to be blind and I use voice over and I think it’s also important to be sure that messages are carried using lots of different mediums so that they are all inclusive. Please keep this in mind. So I have no idea from coming to your channel on this one what it is do you want people to know or do with their phones. Thank you


    I been dapping bleach and water in a cloth and rubbing it on my phone for 2 years everyday💯🤙

  • Deaths son says:

    Step 1 turn off you’re phone.

    I’m doing something wrong here

  • AFG Random heros says:

    Hahhahaa wow!

  • docindah2603 says:

    Then what happens when u put the phone case back on?! 😅 don’t forget to wipe that down too..

  • L BW says:

    Dr. Oz, can the coronavirus be transmitted via mosquitoes, flies etc?🤔

  • Sinderella23 says:

    Am I the only person that wipes their keys too🤔

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