How To Microwave Your Veggies And Tea

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  • Zineb LAMHINE says:

    Doctor Oz is the best!!!!!

  • kmc3521 says:

    thats what i do

  • Abu Huraira says:

    Our food should be our medicine
    And our medicine should be our food

  • rachelmg68 says:

    I see microwave is better than boiling veggies. What about stir frying with olive oil, butter or coconut oil?

  • Boo Thang says:

    why would he promote microwaving vegetables🤯 cook on the stove ppl

  • Toan Hanh says:

    How to stop the microplastics in teabags

  • First Last says:

    I wish she gave a more scientific explanation than “it activates” tea. There are studies that microwaving increases caffeine extraction but damages some nutrients

  • THCB Spotlights says:

    8 Foods that Lower Blood pressure;:Leafy Greens,Red Beets,White Beans”Yogurt,Bananas. 🍌 Broccoli,Skim milk,Sunflower seeds….#THCBspotlight

  • Karen O says:

    So drink the water!

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