How to Lose Weight Without Stress – Best Weight-Loss Videos

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

How to Lose Weight Without Stress – Best Weight-Loss Videos

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About the Author

Hi! My name is Jean Laguerre, a happy human being, a free spirit, a servant. Being an early survivor empowered me to share helpful information on a better way to lose weight, stay healthy and live fully with people who value peace of mind and are committed to it.

  • Y Payne says:

    I didn’t learn anything from this video. Lol

  • Yusuf Jama says:

    I wonder why Dr Oz hold hands with every woman. It’s weird.

  • D.David Winters says:

    Due to ventricular tachycardia which took me from active to couch for a year. When I started getting active again I ended up with osteoarthritis. Both knees were scoped and the ankle rebuilt in 2018 but still painful. Last year I began getting serious about heart healthy eating but was still over eating and snacking at night. I’m not physically able to hike, bike jog etc. All last year I wasn’t loosing I wasn’t even plateauing I slowly kept gaining. Finally in December I discovered that remeron may cause weight problems. I went off it in mid December and since have lost 25 pounds.
    I quite my primary doctor because at my “wellness exam” she ignored the severely low vitamin D level and ignored the previous doctor (whom she replaced) recommendations that if my blood work continued to show abnormalities to refer me to sleep specialist, she refused. Despite arguing that I am try to do the Mediterranean diet ,(,I’m at least 80%) and walking 600 miles last year she basically said it was all my fault, I don’t exercise and only eat junk food. Even my cardiologist says I’m unhealthy. My new primary care doctor does believe me because my lipid panel is all over the place. It isn’t like any one item is slowly increasing, they may jump up but then level out. She believes this is why the doctors are saying I’m unhealthy. I have a bmi of 30 and I-me want to go down to 190-currently 265. My two goals are I don’t want to end up having a heart attack or needing a transplant. Secondary if I’m a healthy weight I feel doctors would be willing to do more. Currently am writing out a life plan, a manifesto if you will, outlining my goals, my time line etc. My idea is to send it to every doctor, getting my whole team on board. On the accountability side I live in a small town with no medical facilities except a nursing home. I am going in this week to talk to them about having medical personell help monitor weight and blood pressure on a weekly basis. Am I wrong to try to explain to my doctor’s where I’m coming from, where I’m at and where I am headed. I only need to drop another 70-75 and feel I could achieve it by Christmas this year

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    What’s best book to buy on Keto diet

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