How to Get Rid of the Hiccups Dr Oz’s Healthy Hacks

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  • Latino Truthseeker says:


  • John Space says:

    What if you hiccups and gas?

  • kevmrth says:

    Just drink from the opposite side of the glass

  • Emily Marsters says:

    Cooool!! 😂I’m fascinated.
    Can’t wait for hiccups to try this 😂

  • Patty Miles says:

    No wives take remedy- try this I guarantee you it will work almost instantly. The yellow bottle of lemon juice you buy at the grocery store which is generally located in the produce dept. 2 different methods to chose from. Squirt a generous amount toward the back of your tongue – it will stop the hiccups almost immediately- otherwise do another generous squirt and they will be gone. The other method for people who do not like the taste of lemon juice- wet your index finger in running water and dip it in the sugar bowl- squirt your generous amount of lemon juice onto the back of your tongue and then after you swallow it chase behind with the sugar. Tastes just like lemon aid and instantly helps. I’m used to the plain lemon squirt. I’d stake my life on this remedy. Many people that have hiccups that were in my house over the years – did the lemon juice squirt and were blown away and delighted with it working on contact. Try it. BTW- it works by alkalizing the irritation or whatever causes the hiccups. I haven’t watched this video- don’t care what OZ says try this and you’ll see for yourself it works.

  • Kathleen Patricia says:

    Now imagine watching this with sound off and no title…

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    Good to know.

  • Sue G. says:

    this did NOT WORK for my husband who had non-stop hiccups for two solid weeks following a hip surgery; doctor said it was likely a vagus nerve damage problem, possibly from spinal block anesthesia. It was nearly fatal because if it had lasted much longer his wife might have killed him.

  • ThatGirl SJ says:

    Who else is waiting for eh hiccup 😂

  • Kaizen Approach says:

    this is bs

  • Ann Ohalloran says:

    Try it drunk

  • Frances Slay says:

    My remedy for hiccups.
    Water in glass enough for four to 5 swallows.Pinch nostrils with one hand-Drink water for me 4-5 non stop swallows hiccups gone.
    Always works for me and easier then Dr Oz method.

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