How to Flatten Your Belly in 10 Days

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Naturopathic doctor Kellyann Petrucci explains what’s behind your belly fat and how you can trim and tighten your waistline in just 10 days. Find out which foods to avoid and the secret weapon to burning fat.

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  • Abegayle Locop says:

    She’s teaching me how to flatten my tummy and her tummy is bigger than mine 😂

  • Chinchilla Chat says:

    I was about to start this, but Christmas is in 4 days

  • Chillin With TJ says:

    Lol bone broth…really. nah I’ll stick to a normal balanced diet and not expect results in 10 days🤷🏾‍♂️😅

  • DresdenclineInkpot says:

    “No deprivation included.”

    *eliminates almost everything I eat*


  • nour al charif says:

    The video name should be “would you last 10 days? “

  • Christian Watts says:

    this video should be called “replace 60% of what you eat in a day WITH BOOONNNEEE BROTH”

  • Vectarix says:

    Who else is looking at the comments to see if it worked??

  • Adriana Espinoza says:

    I can’t stop eating beans because I’m Mexican and my mom would think I’m sick😫

  • Charlotte Ds says:

    The minute i heard bone broth….hell nooo. Its horrible. That audience was paid

  • Murphie_wdwlimelight says:

    How to get a flat stomach-drink nothing but water and only eat carrots.

    But wait-it doesn’t work bc your body goes into starvation mode and makes you FATTER

  • Mohamed Mostafa says:

    Crowd: *swallows sadness* i think it taste great in the morning

  • Zahira Silva says:

    Lmao I love how we’re all here but her belly bigger then mine 😂😂

    • Čhįçæğø Pläyż says:

      @Hotshot Gamer those are not friends

    • Hotshot Gamer says:

      I saw a lot of people say get new friends but I also want to play baseball and I wanna be in a position where you gotta be fast shortstop so and I don’t wanna get diabetes which my so called friends always used to say I have diabetes so

  • Brandi Nicole says:

    Those people looked like they were going to ducking vomit. The lady in the middle said Beef undertones 😂🤣😭 I’m so dead! This is why people hate dieting Beef Broth Coffee?!? 🤢🤮🤣

  • Jordan says:

    1:54 how much have they been paid

  • Random Songs says:

    OMG! it works 10 days I lost 240 hours..

  • zGuardianAngelz says:

    Just eat low carbohydrate , avoid fast food, and no sugar..I lost 10kg in 3 months..workout 4 days a not about the intensity, is about the consistency..good luck..

  • amanda p says:

    “It’s all based upon SCIENCE”
    How vague

  • Killershootin 69 says:

    “This is all science” just starve yourself most of the day through fasting lol

  • e.m 1324 says:

    watching this while eating cheetos and drinking coke god save me

    • e.m 1324 says:

      @Rosie Kaye no it doesn’t have sugar but it has bad chemicals that are said to cause Alzheimer’s

    • J Williams says:

      This is one of the vitamins that change my life and make what i am today since then i knew that hospital have limit. Give it a try of at least one month and your life will not be the same and you will be the one giving his testimony.

    • Ricky Joe Sanford says:

      @Rosie Kaye The most important thing is picking a diet that you can stick with! Everyone’s metabolism is different! There is no one size fits all! I count calories period. If I want a piece of bread or even a candy bar, as long as I stay within my allotted calories, I’m fine. Forget carbs! That gets old fast! The minute you start trying to add them back into your diet, you can gain weight and then some! Caffeine is like a water pill. It flush’s out your bladder. It is also an appetite suppressant. Who ever told you NOT to drink it didn’t know what they were talking about.

  • Grace says:

    People who have time to make bone broth in the morning is living their best life

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