How to Flatten Your Belly in 10 Days – Best Of Oz Collection

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How to Flatten Your Belly in 10 Days – Best Of Oz Collection

Naturopathic doctor Kellyann Petrucci explains what’s behind your belly fat and how you can trim and tighten your waistline in just 10 days. Find out which foods to avoid and the secret weapon to burning fat.

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  • Virtuous Woman says:

    Notification strong💪🏻

  • ****** says:

    how you want to flatten your tummy, well, get involved in community activity, take care of people issues, there are too many concerns out there that you lose time and forget that you are hungry or not hungry. the portion and the money you want to squander on force feeding yourself, buy food for someone who has not taken a meal for a week . forget about all these things, i have got tired of different advertisements how to flatten yourself just because of publicity stunt

  • Nikki Revell says:

    Im going to have to try this soon

  • samina khan says:

    Basically just says don’t eat 😂

  • Peacetoeveryone says:

    BEWARE a lot of people published books about flat tummy but in reality they are the ones who have excess belly and some its not even their own research or writing – instead they hire ghost writer for their book in nutrition …..

  • Nevin Goeren says:

    Very reasonable advice. Will give the bone broth a go ♥️♥️♥️

  • Suleman Rashida says:

    Your own stomach should be flatter if truly it works.

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    On board said get rid of sweeteners

  • youloveambure says:

    I feel like you can always loose stomach bloat when you get on a liquid diet or only consume solid foods once a day.

  • Priscilla Martinez says:

    All true I’ve lost weight less then 10 days I’m happy about it

  • Angel says:

    You’ve basically eliminated everything…lol
    Drinking the majority of the calories and having one small meal which is dinner. Anyone can lose weight following this type of diet which should help with bloated belly. Not sustainable!

  • LA Kierstead says:

    Excellent! Short and super helpful! I am very old school. I make bone broth every Sunday and that’s my hot drink instead of coffee into work! Love love love this. Thank u.

  • DetroitRed03 says:

    Wow i love milk.. i use a small amount in my oatmeal every morning, should i cut that out ?

  • jbabs10 says:

    Instead of making your own in a slow cooker, can you use the ones you can by in the box?

  • Jacque B says:

    What about us that can’t eat meat.

  • KimCrispt says:

    Theres something called a caloric deficit and patience

  • Asif Ahmed Mizan says:

    Is it for only Women?

  • Shauna Carpenter says:

    Um, bone broth has lots of salt….and she said to avoid artificial sweeteners then says to put them in your smoothie?

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