How To Fall Asleep Instantly With This Pre Bedtime Technique Dr Oz’s Healthy Hacks

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The Dr. Oz Show is an American daytime television talk series. Each episode has segments on health, wellness and medical information, including true crime stories and celebrity interviews.

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  • claire carlson says:

    it’s 3 in the morning ❤️

  • Lusha Malcome says:

    You go Dr.Oz. love your shows👏👏👍👍❤

  • Judy Gillespie says:

    307 as I am watching this

  • Desnickada says:

    I’II try this tonight. It’s 8.15 AM (in Portugal)

  • John Space says:

    I tried this and now I’m sitting on the toilet.

  • Ms. Nelle says:

    Well its 3:22 and I’m STILL AWAKE 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Dk Nurul says:

    I listen to ASMR till i fall asleep.. I’ve practice this “routine” since last year and it helps me most of the time

  • Savannah zzz says:

    needed this

  • Lee Lashbrooks says:


  • Diana Moore says:

    i love Dr. Oz, but this is bs…sorry

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