How Technology Solutions Are Helping Track Coronavirus Infections

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How Technology Solutions Are Helping Track Coronavirus Infections

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  • Tiffany Nguyen says:

    McGraw has never been a medical doctor and no longer licensed to practice psychology.

  • AkSevda 35Un1977 says:

    May Allah saves all humanity inşallah. Loves from Turkiye. Stay home please. We will win inşallah.

  • ban_it says:

    please don’t watch dr. oz and his channel! he’s a crook and has underlying political agendas.

  • Rosie M says:

    Dr. Oz I don’t get tired of telling you thank you for all the hard work you’ve been doing so keep all of us inform

  • slyr1 says:

    Ok how about the NY Correction Department we cant walk away we are feet apart from sick violent inmates that were not tested and officers that were not given protective gear at all.
    They closed the jails to make a rea real estate deal and have cramped up the inmates and officers in 6 buildings they need help.

  • video-con148 says:

    Spanish flu was contained in 1920. Now hundred years later it’s the same story repeating history.

  • scorpion queen says:

    Doctor oz good night its night in my country

  • Erin Mich says:

    Oz is not a doctor,a total wack like Trump. Will never watch his show again.

  • Doq Tee's Garden says:

    You’re a joke Oz. You know it. We all know it

    • Leyla Abayhan says:

      Doq Tee’s Garden : who the Hell are you to say that about him ???
      He is a real , One of the best Doctors/ HEART SERGEANT…
      You must be very DUMB & sound like an LOST SOUL 😡

  • Michael Speakman says:

    China themselves ordered 43000 urns. They are cremating over 8,000 people a day. So how many people are dying. This is coming out in China. They are ordering caskets. Body bags. What are we going to do.

  • Timer66 says:

    Over million folks die from diarrhea in this world every year but. That’s not talked about

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