How Struggling Americans Are Dealing With April Rent

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How Struggling Americans Are Dealing With April Rent

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  • J S says:

    This is seriously so sad

  • Cecilia says:

    God please help… This is so sad

  • Ayşegül Göknar says:


  • goosecouple says:

    Beg, Borrow. But don’t steal.

  • 888strummer says:

    I’m a landlord who is a contractor and considered non-essential for most jobs so I’m out of work. I own own rentals, but the funny thing for me is that most of my tenants are still getting pay checks and some make more than me, so I’m lucky I guess. Many are teachers, cops, state workers, etc, so I’m lucky and only have 2 tenants who can’t pay until they get their $1,200 check and unemployment kicks in. My states unemployment website was crashing all day so I told the 2 tenants who have no income, I’d wait until May when they finally start getting their unemployment checks.

  • 9639 jc says:

    Claim from China or WHO.
    They caused this.
    China recently gave 200 million to WHO.

  • DanielMOFO says:

    The downsides of a dog-eat-dog society

  • G DLT says:

    May rent will be alot worst.

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