How Scientists Believe the Coronavirus is Spread

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How Scientists Believe Coronavirus is Spread

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  • K LaCoste says:

    Only 900 people have recovered so far, while 500 have died. That means mortality is close to 35%, not the 2% that the Chinese govt is saying. This is why infected families are being barricaded into their homes against their will.

  • MSotelo503 says:

    Coronavirus has been around for years, just look at a old bottle of lysol or Clorox disinfectant. I bought my Clorox disinfectant spray in a double pack and its been about a year.

  • Owen G. says:

    Wow people got to be careful I just hope they find a cure soon or find a way to stop it from spreading

  • Ed Kurtz says:

    Weapons Lab Virus

  • parodie non richieste says:

    baat bite a raat then hit matt… but nobody knows and it’s saaaddd… maybe a virus laaabb

  • Julie Caroline says:

    Bio weapon. ✝️

  • Bob The Man says:

    Latest on this deadly virus
    563 dead
    28256 people infected 28000 in China itself.
    No sign of slowing down guys be careful, make sure wash your hands wear mask and stop hand shaking

  • Gaelle Maz says:

    Wow! I didn’t know that the markets in China were that clean. Amazing.

  • Sharyn Koren says:

    Another case of zoonosis where the virus alters itself from the animal to a human host There are many case of coronovirus in dogs
    In children the parvo .virus is called called slap cheek or fifths disease because of the red cheeks that present as a symptom but it us usually not a serious illness.
    Parvo in puppies us often fatal

  • Kristie Angel says:

    Biblical!!! End times folks. Jesus is coming so very soon. Believe and repent. We are not promised tomorrow. Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. God’s word is truth! 🙏🏼

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