How Safe Is It to Eat Bagged Salad Greens? – Dr. Oz’s Healthy Hacks

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How Safe Is It to Eat Bagged Salad Greens? – Dr. Oz's Healthy Hacks

Packaged greens can seem slimy or like they’ve lost their nutrients, but they’re actually just as good an option as uncut greens, if not better.

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  • Perry Crozier says:


  • Catherine IM says:

    Why does the ads towards the end always appear before the video is done. It’s so annoying!!

  • Rená says:

    I do not believe these word videos are made by Dr. Oz. I think they are made by his daughter Daphne who went to IIN to be a Health Coach .

    If it is please start your own channel. This is Interesting content with good information.

    No one wants to read poor quality videos, but I’m sure you would have a good audience if you taught this stuff on camera. I would watch you.

  • mistyaaa says:

    The ONLY downside? I’ll keep buying fresh produce.

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