How Not To Panic During The Pandemic

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How Not To Panic During The Pandemic

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  • Frost 2020 says:

    Live by facts not fear

  • NYC Entrepreneur says:

    How can you NOT be living in fear??

  • Mary Meldec says:

    Easy. Don’t watch tv. Don’t listen to oz

  • Ironmanmark55 Stark says:

    I’m not living in fear just board out of my mind and staying home and washing everything

  • Sassy girl says:

    And still, as a person who has MS (living in Belgium) I am absolutely terrified for not only getting the virus, but also not surviving if I do get the virus.

  • Dana Rae says:

    Sitting too close 😭

  • alec jo says:

    I’m not panicking. I have toilet paper for the next 10 years. OH WAIT, WHAT IF I RUN OUT OF PAPER BEFORE THAT!!??

  • 12MAN NATION says:

    How not to panic during the pandemic , dont listin to the quack Dr ozz. 💯🖕

  • John Peverill says:

    The media caused the panic now they’re trying to tell you how not to panic? Arrogant idiots

  • Ironmanmark55 Stark says:

    Not many comments or likes for over 1 million subscribers

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