How Long Should The U.S.Stay in Lockdown?

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How Long Should The U.S.Stay in Lockdown?

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  • Law Crusaders says:

    It’s easy for any Doctor to prescribe hydroxychloroquine to themselves and recover, whereas the average person infective could not easily get hydroxychloroquine; they are at the mercy of the Doctors for recovery.

    • Devon Devon says:

      So true. Everyone doesn’t have equal access to treatment, medicine, testing.

    • Kara Sparrow says:

      We are not even 100% sure it even works!

    • JAKTEK says:

      Kara Sparrow it appears to work. It should be trialed more and more. Anecdotal evidence is still evidence. May not satisfy scientist as they are trained to be skeptical. But I will tell you if anyone in my family gets it, I’ll be demanding to try it. But better to have that than nothing.

    • JAKTEK says:

      And excuse me Dr. I have a lot of work to do as well. I would expect the same level of urgency in relation to having access to hydroxychloriquine. Also it didn’t mention in the video whether this virus expert was also taking the ZPAC.

    • Aya More says:

      @Devon Devon Exactly, when they are telling you to stay home and not come to the hospital if you believe you are 😷 sick..They should send scripts to people who have it symptoms so they have a means to treat themselves😩 It is heartbreaking how they leave people to worry & die in this fear. It’s not to say this drug may help everyone, but this seems like a likely course of action to stop lines and overcrowded hospitals. Everyone be blessed❤🙏Psalms91.

  • onepcwhiz says:

    Misleading title. Doesn’t even address the question!

  • Dukes 001 says:

    I’m going to keep my family home. Until I feel it’s ok and even then change the way we do things in the future. Good luck to everyone stay safe dont take this lightly.

    • Life with Mandy says:

      I am gonna do the same. It is depressing, but we don’t have a choice to adapt because there are people that won’t.

    • Jennie Nguyen says:

      Yes it’s a very good idea to stayed home. Our State had the orders everyone stayed home since two weeks ago. Schools and works done online. We are only allowed to go to the supermarkets, pharmacy, gas station. We have to keep a distance of 6 feet from others at all time when we need to go outside for essentials things. I was surprised, not everyone in US have the orders. Why not? Governors waited for people to have the virus then issued the orders? That might be too late. Yes it’s not fun but you will protected yourself and others from dying because of this virus. I am really upset with the College students partying on the beach in Miami. They think they are invincible? That was so selfish and irresponsible. People don’t even know they’re infected until weeks later. Young people might not show symptoms, but they can spread the virus like wild fires. Stayed safe everyone.

    • Mrs Bryant says:

      So everyone in your home is staying there? Not leaving out at all??

    • Metropolis Group says:

      That’s solid advice and we’ve done the same. Have my entire family all in one location. Both sets of grandparents, brothers, wives, children, etc. Everyone else out of state. Everything we need right here with schooling going on few hours a day.

    • hello strangers says:

      Exactly dont leave unless one person goes out to grab what the family needs its that serious no joke stay safe

  • Don B says:

    Was in China, came home and had a cough. Probably had it all along

    • Whitney T says:

      Don B oooh when did you go? My whole family had all the symptoms back in December I think it was? I truly believe we had it. I had a cough that I had never experienced before in my life. Now months later we are fine

    • Joseph Argibay says:

      @Whitney T ur.all lucky

    • April Johnson says:

      I’m a nurse. I had it. It has two distinct phases, mild and no treatment needed. If they’d been more truthful about this virus, no one would be freaking out. All we hear is stories about the horrors. Stop the hoax

    • Mrs Bryant says:

      @Whitney T Same with my husband. Back in December he woke up coughing like he had never coughed before. He got out of the bed coughing. He fell down to his knees coughing and was sweating profusely. I almost thought he was having a heart attack. Scared the hell out of me! I called the ER. They came & checked him out, & a few hours later he seemed fine. Makes me wonder if he’s already had a bought with it & we just didn’t know it at the time😟

  • Mark Gitschel says:

    Back to work by Easter ! no way !

  • dennis n says:

    Not going to happen. Im not leaving home until they get ahold of this virus. Job be dammed.

    • Cory Clark says:

      Life with Mandy not everyone has the option to just not go to work. Some of us out here don’t have a choice. Don’t act like we’re out with our egos high. The world needs to keep turning.

    • Michael Parker says:

      dennis n I agree. Although I am an over the road long haul truck driver. I don’t leave my truck. On the rare occasion I have to I wear a respirator and goggles and decontaminate before I get back in the truck. I will not stop this until it is under control. I would rather be home to be honest. But unfortunately at this point don’t want to go home and possibly bring the Virus with me. Even more I want to stay out to keep the supply chain going on my end. Caught between a rock and a hard place.

    • Just Suzie says:

      Same here

    • Barbara Witchey says:

      @Cory Clark BLESS U

    • Barbara Witchey says:

      @Michael Parker PRAY 4 ALL U

  • Mary says:

    God bless the famous virus hunter!

  • Mark Gitschel says:

    New York wouldn’t need all those ventolators if everyone would stay home like they were told to do !

    • Starla KS says:

      Make everyone stay home! Self isolating is not working, people are still doing what they want to do!

    • Kitten Games says:

      Once there was one case in America it was too late, once there was one person in New York it was too late.

    • Ángel Escamilla says:

      It was spreading before everyone was told to stay home. 😑

    • Annette Melnychuk says:

      Especially during Mardi Gras

    • Tall Diana says:

      Mark Gitschel

      After exposure the virus takes two to fourteen days to cause symptoms. After symptoms start, most people who end up on respirators have been sick for two to three WEEKS.

      My boyfriend’s mild symptoms didn’t cause him to go the doctor at all, but he woke up on March 15th around 3 AM and couldn’t breathe, so I called an ambulance. I had to drive my pickup down our muddy private road in a rainstorm to pick the paramedics up because they couldn’t or wouldn’t come up the drive to the house. By the time we got back up to the house, my boyfriend was dead. I had to go pick up the coroner and we loaded my boyfriend, in a body bag, into the bed of my pickup and I drove them down to the bottom of the road.

  • rich mil says:

    Time to get back to work. Protect the elderly and those who are vulnerable. New York was the city who said up until a few weeks ago not to worry get out and carry on and go to the parades

  • Tammy H. says:

    Lots of prayer🙏 and doing our part!🙏💞

  • Robert Christensen says:

    Hi Dr,


    I wonder if you are going to include Zinc in your study in combination with Hydoxychloroquine. Zinc has been shown to diminish the replication of the COVID 19 virus because it interferes with the RNA replicase (also known as RNA Dependent RNA Polimerase, RdRp). Here’s the article that shows that.

    Basically, hydroxychloroquine which is a zinc ionophore opens the cell to allow more Zn +2 ions to get into the cell and the Zn +2 ions interfere with the RNA replicase which in turn diminishes the virus replication.

    This brief youtube video explains the process and references the above article.

    So, both are needed. Either one alone is not going to be as effective as both together. Furthermore, if you do not supplement with Zinc, the people in your study will have varying levels of Zinc due to different diets and will affect your results. This is another reason it is important to add Zinc to your trial to bring your participants up to a high level.

    If you want to do a service to humanity and have a heroic study it is very important to add Zinc to significantly increase your effect size. Otherwise you are not nearly as likely to be successful.

    Here’s a letter from a Dr in NY successfully treating patients with COVID 19. His protocol includes Zinc.

    Dr Robert

    • HG says:

      But we are told by the media that hydroxycholorquine does not work and that the FDA hasn’t approved it for Covid19 patients and that all we need are thousands and thousands more ventilators. Yet when a virologist contracts the virus, the first thing he does is take hydroxychloroquine to keep him from needing a ventilator. Huh? Almost like a mixed message. Maybe, along with procuring more ventilators, we get our pharmacists/chemists quickly manufacturing this drug so that patients don’t need the ventilator!

    • Cory Clark says:

      HG yes! FDA needs to kick it into high gear and hurry up.

    • M P says:

      Moron buttercup shut up stop the lies

  • nana820able says:

    Just released an hour ago The Highwire has breaking news from the lead scientist in the UK. This virus won’t kill any more people than the viruses we have every year. It’s more like 20,000 than 200,000.

  • patrick Joseph says:

    FEAR is worse than the VIRUS!!!

  • Merry Jane says:

    When someone says the word” cough”, in a sentence, just makes me want to cough. 🤭

  • Letty Panganiban says:

    It’s all about money…business…stock!

  • Cam P. says:

    My family canceled all Easter plan’s. I have one grandparent left and I’m not trying to heckin kill her on accident. That and I have a newborn and I don’t think babies and sick go well together. Stay safe and use your best judgment.

  • Stanley Hood says:

    Well Cuomo use the ventilators you’ve got. Then have faith that others will show up.
    Be grateful for these. Expect more.

  • Daphne Janzen says:

    Interesting, hope the hydroxychloroquine cures the covid 19

  • Kelly Ash says:

    “Local leaders say….” Let me fix that so it’s accurate.

    “Local tyrants and enemies of the State say…”
    There, that’s much more honest.

  • pro2 says:

    Must be nice to have a pill readily available while everyone else has to suffer. I hate dr oz and his cronies. Didn’t even answer the question but just threw names around and bragged about being able to get meds.

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