How Female Truckers Are Keeping America’s Grocery Store And Pharmacy Shelves Full

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How Female Truckers Are Keeping America's Grocery Store And Pharmacy Shelves Full

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  • kylie reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 6 minutes and 25 seconds left to live”


  • Leonard Taylor says:

    God please keep her and all Truckers safe ?

  • Sue Jackson says:

    ALL truckers. I’m not sure why people are making such a big deal out of female truckers right now. All truckers should be recognized for the hard job they do, all the time.

  • cnrmoose says:

    don’t forget about the railroaders too.

  • Hollins23 says:

    Bless her heart! I’d hate to drive without being able to have a shower every day.

    • k hanna says:

      Lol. Seriously

    • Toni Grant says:

      Sometimes my husband goes all week long without a shower and uses wipes to cleanup with. If a load is expected somewhere at a certain time he can’t stop and take time to do it. I buy him the rinse free wipes that are used on elderly etc that can’t shower. They work really well. He doesn’t smell or look dirty when he gets home. They are a god send!

  • ConstitutionalRepublican says:

    Lets just say truckers. Not females or males. Their sex doesn’t matter, its their role that they play which is most important.

  • T & H Trucking Solutions says:

    I just wish brokers and shoppers would have little more respect and pay these people what they deserve . It is shame that loads are so cheap and they are taking all the money.
    Stay safe .

  • vatash777 says:

    What about the mail truck drivers why you singling out the females and not the males I’ve been driving for 5 years and nothing stops me

  • Sam King says:

    Be kind to truckers like Lisa and give them a break, even under “normal” conditions. I can’t count the number of times they’ve had my back on the road simply because I was courteous.

  • Dianna says:

    She is right. People don’t respect them on the road. They have really hard jobs. God bless them all.

  • All American Dream Chaser says:

    That “booting” needs to stop! If anyone does that to a Trucker people need to stand up for these Truckers and beat the Heck out of anyone that boots a truck! Thank you Truckers!👍❤️❤️❤️

  • Mohammad Alsarayreh says:

    We are dying from over regulations (we truckers) are road warriors.

  • Laura Martian says:

    They deserve medals for helping to save the country.

  • Laura Martian says:

    Thank you for making the world aware of these heroes.

  • Bridget Robinson says:

    What doctor Oz. isn’t telling us about is what comes next after the coronavirus

  • Sheila Starks says:

    Local governments who boot truckers are money monger. States that boot and or close rest areas, must be controlled by democrats. Making matters worse.

  • Caudill Caudill says:

    Thankyou….I was a 10% female trucker for 10yrs……bless you..thankyou so much…my husband is still out there…62yrsold…I m so worried about him..

  • DATo DATonian says:

    “Rosie The Riveter” in WWII …. “Teressa The Trucker” in this COVID crisis … SUPPORT ALL TRUCKERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Richard Sager says:

    God bless ALL truckers! Period!!!

  • Montage Matador says:

    i’m sure male truck drivers are holding up some weight for the team

    • becksta29 says:

      Montage Matador dr oz didn’t say males are not helping lol I think he is just showing that even females are driving trucks to help out atm. Every one knows guys are usually truck drivers like 90% of them are anyways. I appreciate both men and women essential truck drivers.

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