How Dr. Oz Wants You to Eat Bacon

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Dr. Oz shares what the healthiest bacon is.

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  • Prince LaFlare Beats says:

    Ewww NOOO have yall seen what they doing to the pigs animal cruelty

    • Larry Putra says:

      our ancestors did that thousands of years ago,and most of their diet was based on meat and fat,going against your own animal instinct is a wrong way to go.

  • Solo Romero says:

    Oh my goodness!!! Thank you Dr. Oz!!! I can bake my bacon in the oven. I stopped eating bacon because I thought it wasn’t good for you! But now that I know it’s better to bake it and eat it, guess what? I’m having bacon again!!!

  • serendipify says:

    Stop giving life-threatening advice. Just a little research would clear up this egregious and irresponsible coddling of people’s bad habits

  • whitney braddy says:

    Hi Dr. Oz !

  • thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid says:

    I save the bacon grease and put it on burger buns & toast em that way you can taste it on your bacon cheeseburgers πŸ”. Indulge in life you only
    Live once!!!

  • Judith Mengo says:

    I am vegan , thanks!😘

  • Bertha BR/DK says:

    Seriously? A vegan doctor to talk about meat? C’mon… not suprised with the studies she came with. LOL

  • Lisa Money says:

    *Yummy! Bacon is good for you! πŸ³β˜•*

  • BmoreBirds22 says:

    Dr oz : bacon is correlated with cancer
    American people : aight imma head out with cancer I guess.

  • SongwriterJT says:

    That’s right bake it πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

  • Karen Latham says:

    Airfyer bacon πŸ™‚

  • Princess Israel says:

    Wow can’t believe you’re advising people to eat worm infested PIG!

  • suzanne schulz says:

    Omg thanks I’ll indulge once year 2 slices

  • Nenad Stanojevic says:

    Dr Oz sells out to the bacon industry.

  • Carolyn Everett says:

    Eating processed meats like this causes cancer and Alzheimer’s too…Dr. Oz had a show about it.

  • Adnan A says:

    They should make chicken breast bacon

  • ARUNK LEZAT says:


  • 11STARFIRE says:

    *What* ? Dr. Oz eats Bacon?

  • Sunit Raithatha says:

    Hey dr oz , saw your interview with dr Alwin Lewis .. your thoughts and advice on the 5 bite diet ?

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