How Close Is Plasma Therapy To Being A Real Treatment For Covid 19?

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How Close Is Plasma Therapy To Being A Real Treatment For Covid 19?

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  • Dodger16 says:

    Don’t think it will work only way stop spending of Covid 19 is this find a treatment to stop the spread from jumping from jumping from human to human that my personal challenge to all doctors

  • gokawi says:

    Nivak djokovic doesnt believe jn vaccine? When did he say that?

  • Matt Rivas says:

    People need to unsubscribe and stop watching the “miracle doctor”

  • Keto Solution says:

    I’ve never heard of this! Thanks for bringing this knowledge to us Dr. Oz!

  • Camille Rose says:

    Vaccine 🤢🤢nah!!!!

  • Alice Hallam says:

    We heard this bit of news on this morning’s television network news in Denver, Colorado:
    Banner Health, in Colorado and Arizona (and maybe other states idk), is calling for plasma donors out of the pool of survivors of Covid-19. Convalescent plasma treatment is a long-known help for people sick with viral illnesses. It has already saved lives in China, Italy and the United States. Please call and offer your plasma ASAP.
    The number of cases is still growing, even though in a few larger cities it currently APPEARS to be abating a bit. This may be a temporary plateau with numbers possibly increasing over the next few weeks, or months. YOU WILL SAVE LIVES.

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