How Charlamagne tha God Copes with COVID-19 Uncertainty

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Charlamagne tha God opens up about how he remains calm during the uncertainty of COVID-19, and discusses his participation in “The Call to Unite” live-stream event.

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  • Rahma Ali says:


  • Zahra M says:

    I struggle with anxiety myself thank you for this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Anthony Lee says:

    Did he just call him the god?

  • Asli Ahmed says:

    What’s his name…….????

  • Sharleen Sherafatian says:

    Great words from THA GOD

  • Esther Puru says:

    This is blasphemy wtf ugly insult to people. “God” no no no? Dr Oz I have to now unsubscribe that is wacko wacky.😤

  • Divine Blessings says:

    Who are you? Tha God? Please change your name, you will NEVER BE THA GOD!

  • James Andrews says:

    I Thought he was not black.

  • Supersquid 1776 says:


  • Kristen Connors says:

    This is just nonsense, it’s the government’s way to control the American people. You can’t believe anything they say, it changes hour to your, day to day. Why are they basically censoring these doctors who come forward & tell the truth about this virus. They have no clue exactly what a Pandemic really is.

  • Roger Elder says:

    This guy is no more an expert on COVID than Bill Gates.

  • RONIN 471 says:

    Charlemagne gonna be there?? Might as well get greta thunberg also

  • Patricia Fetter says:


  • Vanessa Lennox says:

    I love CTha god

  • ForJustice &Truth says:

    no offense but… who cares!?!?

  • doxop says:

    Remember that time Dr Oz supported hydroxychloroquine until Gilead paid him to stop mentioning it and start whoring Remdesivir instead?

  • Nad Zaf says:

    God lol , hopefully after this vulnerable experience he will change his name

  • Laura Reid says:

    Something has changed with OZ idk what but I seen it months ago!

  • Jen Pfister says:

    I see Dr Oz, stopped having experts on who oppose the main stream media’s narrative. Not surprised though.

  • AnahataOnline says:

    Absolutely disgraceful. You have many people that trust you and yet you have been parading this around for views and helping the cause to mislead the public like all the other corrupt organizations pushing this.

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