How Are American Handling Covid-19?

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And a reminder: do not seek these medications without the guidance of a doctor.
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  • Zalif Arts says:

    Very worried

  • Brandon Robinson says:

    Not at all worried, just annoyed.

  • EDEN ETIENNE says:


  • Ryan Tipton says:

    Suicides vs Covid19 , Overdose vs Covid19, Driving Impaired Deaths vs Covid19, Undetected Cancers and Other ailments vs Covid19 = We just need to put the appropriate PPE on and go back to work. The cure really will be worst than the disease. But idk the above numbers I wonder what they really are?

  • Rosie M says:

    Very worried

  • Jack Kim says:

    I was feeling sick for about 4 days typical flu symptoms then was having breathing issues so called up to set up a test for covid 19 took the test on friday was told it was going to take 2-3 days, called up on the 4th day and looked up bioreference and on their site it says its going to take 5-7 days for the result? Luckily was feeling better after the 4th day but not knowing if i can just go to hospital is a real crappy feeling because you have to test positive to be able to be admitted..makes me wonder how many people died just waiting for results to go the the hospital… and if they were able to go earlier they might have a better chance. Either that hell with hospital protocol if you feel you have to go just go. Lost so much trust in the us government…. need universal health care

    • Michelle says:

      Jack Kim that’s not true you can get admitted to the hospital with suspect virus I did and it turned out to be a really bad virus through my body and needed really strong antibiotics that’s what you might have got a viral infection but you can go to the hospital and they said go and don’t be sorry they will check you for it and help you no matter what you have

  • 9639 jc says:

    People, China government is now saying online and on local news, that USA has more cases than China. China is now 7th or 8th in place.
    People, this is not true.
    China has 20 million phone subscribers cancelled their phone subscription in the last 4 months. Can we at least check from this data to determine the exact number of deaths???

  • Desiree Grigalonas says:

    I took the survey!

  • Liliana Jankovic says:

    I worry about boat stack in Port Cambell in Au . People are on board sitting on boat sick, two died , are they getting help.
    Australia doesn’t let them out. Is that humanity

  • Tonya Reddinger says:

    Me too I agree with the comments of Brandon robi

  • Craig Osterberg says:

    Must be patience. Relax an enjoy what you can.

  • Robert Goldman says:

    The covid 19 is the greatest global hoax in history . Why is it not news that 1.6 million (79,000in the US died) world wide died of the flu during the last flu season. According the covid 19 experts the factor was 2 , if so, by may 24 , there should be 1,073,741, 824 infected and almost 4 million dead .

  • Tonya Reddinger says:

    To me in my opinion that I have to say thank you and you are a hero and no I was not worried all that worried about the virus at first but I didn’t feel good doing the virus I had hard time to breathe my stomach and my throat didn’t feel good at first

  • Michelle house music Chapman says:

    Im just wondering how do we overcome the fear that’s going to flood us after its SAFE to get back to work? Nothing will be the same. Are we really going to be back to NORMAL? I dont think so …a lot of our life luxuries and going to be different from now on. There’s going to be changes in our restaurants hospitals, public venues etc. Where do we go from here????

  • Mike Williams says:

    Dr Oz I’m angry. Angry at how blunt of an instrument was used to control this. I’m mad at the CCP. Angry at how WRONG the projections were. I’m angry that we continue to suppress economic activity to the detriment of millions of workers based on these horrific modes.I feel terrible about the illegals who are not only out of work but also won’t get assistance. Yes they are here and are technically criminals but they are humans. We need to hold the CCP accountable for this disaster. God Bless you for being a voice of reason in these times when the MSM is so deranged they can’t talk about HCQ without showing their insane bias against DJT.

  • Camelia says:

    Stay safe and God bless America in this difficult time .

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