How a Woman Lost Over 200 Pounds

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Meet guest Mary, who once weighed 352 pounds. She shares her story of dropping out of high school due to her weight and reveals her new look today, after losing over 200 pounds!

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  • Kingsley Tucker says:

    She looks great! I wonder how she avoided the loose skin?

  • Shaela Abdul says:

    And water alot of water. Good job mom

    • Y0uTube Health Solutions says:

      Amen…water is the best! Some of my clients that dislike water are instructed to eat water loaded fruits such as papaya.

    • Carol Underwood says:

      For anybody who has tried to lose weight and ended up frustrated, I am talking to you! Looking at this video clip I must laugh, because they don’t know the truth. Fat loss is actually easy knowing what to do and what To avoid. From The Venus Factor, Dr. Charles describes all you need to know to be able to lose fat and keep it from coming back.
      Here’s his web-site.

  • Dana Easterday says:

    That home-made pizza looks more tasty than a regular slice of pizza with pepperoni.

  • Sxpreme - says:

    Sad thing is people would still call the Mary girl fat

  • Karen Kotick says:

    Amazing! Congratulations. I’m at my weight loss journey also. I lost 30 pounds and have 30 more too loss. Thank you for your story. God bless.

  • Cooking at Home says:

    this was about food… what about excercise???

  • TheStyleAlert says:

    That’s pretty big………………..that change 💀

  • unshakeable Teacher says:

    I was tired of being the biggest girl in the room with the pretty face…I weight. 350pounds that line hit me hard*

    • NathanBeatYou says:

      I weigh about 119 pounds, 12 years old, and I’m about 5 feet and 5 inches tall. Is this a good thing? Would y’all say I need to lose some weight? Please don’t feel uncomfortable saying I do need to lose weight. Honest answers please!

    • Aaliyah Latifa says:

      Dog Monkey – I personally don’t think you need to loose weight I think that’s fine especially for your height and age I’m 15 and 126 pounds and 5”3!! Which is why I’m doing the water fast challenge until I get down to 47kg from 57kg😃

    • Roblox Girl says:

      @NathanBeatYou no infection that is very healthy so you should just be a kid

  • Amel Mehdi says:

    i lost 24 kg just 2 months i didn’t a bread no pizza just fruit and fish celeri apple and green juice.and i feel better .

  • Cathy Trent says:

    After the sudden death of my son, I packed on a lot of weight in 4 years.
    My daughter introduced me to keto, and I have lost 52 lbs and have a ways to go, but it’s happening, and I know I can do it! Yes, taking a break for Christmas, but this diet has proven to be a Godsend for me, and my 2019 goal is to be happy and healthy again with God’s help!

  • space pidgeon says:

    She lost over 200 pounds, if I lost that much I wouldn’t exist

  • Kelly Taylor says:

    Noticed that the lady keep emphasizing on drinking lots of water. Drinking sufficient water is necessary for your health people! But keep in mind that to lose weight, it still boils down to caloric deficit! Choose your meal consciously, avoid sugary and unhealthy meals. Pick a workout schedule that is suitable for your fitness needs, and choose a diet plan that suits your lifestyle! Eventually, you will only see results if you put in your determination, and consistency. Find a plan that you can stay consistence on. For me, I’ve tried Keto, Atkins Diet, counting calories… the lifestyle isn’t suitable for my social lifestyle. My work also demands me to meet client on the day basis. I couldn’t implement the plans and hence all failed. I eventually lose my 50+ pounds overweight to a simple routine consecutively for 2 weeks by 2 weeks. I’m now healthy, feeling fresh and fit, clean and most importantly, confident in myself. All the best to everyone losing weight!

    • Komfy Koala says:

      Calorie deficient is important but it isn’t the only thing to consider. Eventually you can reach a weight loss plateau if you only rely on calorie counting, and reducing your daily intake by too much can start to destroy muscle. I would simply focus on eating enough but also incorporating habits that are known to boosting metabolism so that fat loss is guaranteed (ie like you said drink a lot of water, eat high protein and fat and low carb and sugar on weekdays, intermittent fasting, 6000 steps a day, drink 1 cup of tea and 1 cup of coffee everyday, reduce stress, get at least 8 hours of sleep, and cheat on weekends [eat whatever you want so your body doesn’t think it’s in starvation mode but don’t overdo it of course]).

    • Gacha Stranger says:


    • Soglossy Tv says:

      Thankyou kelly.when i tell people that they look at me and say no you have to count carbs or fats or what ever but i was taught from a young age calories in and calories out all that means to me is make better food choices and watch portion sizes.

    • ༒ҜɑŦɑҜỮŘI༒ says:

      @Kelly Taylor everyone’s body’s are different, they lose weight differently

    • Asole says:

      Or you can just water fast, it’s more of a mental challenger once the hunger goes away.

  • Sassy Assassin says:

    I’m on my own weight loss journey right now! I was in October 2018 425lbs and now I am 353.6. I’m still going!

  • Hometown Girl says:

    I’ll tell you the real secret: Eat less, move more.

    • Stacey Kersting says:

      @Jillian Smith Try that for 6 mos and get back to us. There’s a much easier way….Week 1) get off the soda pop .Increase vegie intake. Week 2-3) Get off the sugar stuff. Start walking round the block. Week 4) close your eating window by an hour per day…no snacking. 5) Cut present carb consumption by 1/2…..rice, pasta, cereal, bread. Walk a bit farther every week, keep closing your eating window every other day til u reach a 16 hour fast. Reduce grain intake to hardly ever

    • Stacey Kersting says:

      @sss_ editz U may like to try the food tracker, “Cronometer’. Also…go low carb, take walks.

    • Stacey Kersting says:

      @Brianna Gordy Check out some videos by Dr Sten Ekberg and some by Thomas DeLauer…..lower your carbs…stay off the sugar.

    • Jillian Smith says:

      Stacey Kersting:  I’m old enough to have tried over 37 different diets.  This is the only one that has done anything worth bothering with.  I keep track of calories, gradually reducing them as my fat slowly melts off.  I don’t care WHAT I eat or WHEN, though once I’ve finished my evening meal, I don’t eat for 12-16 hours. 

      No more night eating.  I’m allergic to most produce.  Advice to eat lots of “veggies” is useless to me.  I have internal issues, so eating “keto” was an issue for me.  Eating any way other than my usual type diet is a physical and mental/emotional issue for me. 

      I finally got REAL and worked with exactly who I am with ONE exception, which was quantity of food.  I can stll eat chips and dip.  Just not a whole family-sized bag at one sitting.  Now I eat “several” chips (an ounce, weighed) and call it good.  I take them out of the bag, put them on a dish, sit at the table, and enjoy them thoroughly.  The bag has already been put away. 

      At one point for six months my husband locked the potato chips up, doling them out in proper portions.  I got used to it and now an ounce feels like a nice indulgence.  

      Not being able to eat, say, a piece of cake at a birthday party was NOT working for me.  Not being able to eat chocolate was NOT working.  I eat WHAT I want.  I just don’t eat ALL I want.  I keep track, weigh at a clinic once a week, and have lost 80 pounds so far.  This started out at 1750 calories a day, down to something like 1350 now and losing just under a pound a week. 

      I do a tiny bit of “lifting” and a little walking.  When I say “a little,” I mean it.  I incorporated my incredible laziness and gluttony into this plan for the first time.  I’ve been eating “less” for 19 months now.  I can do this the rest of my life.  I’m saving a lot of money on food I’m not buying.  Sustainability in diet means facing who and what you really are, and facing that if you’re fat, you’re eating & drinking  too many calories for your level of activities.  And changing that, 500 calories less a day than you burn off.  It’s slow, it’s a lot of work, and it does the job eventually.  Be patient, be calm, and be rational.

    • Stacey Kersting says:

      @Jillian Smith hey, if it works for ya that’s great! Ya, the intermittent fasting makes it easy, I think. Everyone’s body’s dif’, but lowering my carbs seems to give me better willpower. Sorry you’re allergic to most vegies…those are the foods I fill up on. Grew up with a big, colorful plate.Mom always said ‘Eat the rainbow’ way b4 Skittles! She’d serve smorgasbord of salads and vegies. We ate tons n’ stayed thin. In my 50’s and 60’s, I shot up 20 lbs. The weight was SO stubborn…did tons of walking, too. Low carb finally saved me from carrying the ‘granny weight’ Went thru the low fat craze in the ’80’s n’ ’90’s…..think it ruined me for ‘regular’ dieting.

  • Amandhi Siriwardena says:

    ‘i was tired to be the biggest girl in room with a pretty face’ this hit me hard

  • Sierra Aspen says:

    Bless. If she can do it, I need to stop being lazy af

    • Trooper Burgess says:

      you’re not lazy Sierra. just put your mind to it and do it.

    • Jillian Smith says:

      Fungus Amongus:  I actually agree but keto and calorie counting both work fine if you keep them up.  It’s easier to count calories of what you really want to eat than to change a lifelong eating pattern (for most people–not all).

  • Manal Khalique says:

    And i cant lose 30 pounds. Its been 4 years

    • Fasti says:

      “Yeah I agree” im glad you agree
      “I don’t think getting to a stage of taking insulin is a good thing and it is definitely not.” i am aware and im glad you think so too. i dont understand what you mean by it on your side still though. “By all means a ketogenic or low carb diet, however fasting gets better results quicker, cheaper and easier. Why not go this route start with Intermittent fasting and work your way to fasting” no thank you. i have tried it before and it really took a toll on my body. im speaking from experience. intermittent fasting worked for me but it didnt at the same time. of course thats personal experience so i wont speak of it. but i changed my diet and im not putting on weight anymore. in fact im skinny as hell and i need to eat more…
      “I can’t be that much of a cocksure I have read your whole post” well thanks. ill give you that. ive gotten in a lot of arguments in the youtube comment section and im not sure if 90% of people even read my replies, lol. so thanks.
      “Last person I gave advice was a type 2 and has completely reserved his condition and his doctors have took him off the meds. I think my advice is overall positive even if it’s a bit abrasive” thats great. glad that worked for him. your advice is positive and i get that you mean well, but you’re just not looking at the bigger picture.
      “Ghrelin gradually decreases from fasting this is my point for getting it on your side.” its already low as hell if you’re obese, why get it lower? and i still dont get how that claim makes it be “on your side”.
      “The loose skin is from unnatural weight loss (without Autophagy)”
      autophagy doesnt make it natural. it is a natural process but it doesnt mean other methods are not natural. like fasting so autophagy takes place isnt natural. its just not. working out is natural. sweating is natural.
      “I don’t know about the American education system however it seems too early of an age 11-12 (from a google search) for such an involved topic. Easy for misconceptions to be bred.” im actually from and currently situated in canada. we learn about common things like the difference between good fat and bad fat and what foods have good fat and bad fat. not what comes after though, lol.
      “If someone doesn’t fast a high fat ketogenic diet is the next best thing” well maybe, but of course results differ.
      “Its all to do with insulin eating high carb and high fat is going to cause de novo lipogenesis (carbs to body fat) and re esterification (dietary fat to body fat). Eating fats alone Bad (I dont recommend a dirty keto) and good won’t cause minimal insulin response.” good enough. there are things that i can point out and why keto is good but i wont bother.
      “Please do? conjugated linoleic acid is a trans-fat however its marketed as a dietary supplement” well, while CLA is considered and classified as a trans fat, it is a natural fat and is derived from most healthy foods. so it is good fat. mostly.
      “Sorry for cutting the HDL and LDL points out. But I don’t see how its relevant to the discussion. A lot of studys are mixed on these topics.” yeah i myself said i gave a little too much information. i just typed it out so i could refer better to bad fat.
      “Nope.” well i hope this time you actually make some sense. this message made sense but my points still stand, results differ, dont fast, isnt natural, bad for you, change your diet.
      “Read some studies that go against your viewpoint. Challenge what you think. I wasn’t making any progress with my weight loss for years and though fasting was absurd until I did some research, proper research.” answers or questions that go against truths are called theories. i like theories, but i dont live my life off of them. you cant classify anything that goes against knowledge as proper research.
      “like taking Epistemology lessons ?” well yeah. or just conspiracy theories lol.
      “Yes because F***ing fasting hence my whole argument.” no no no. sleeping is sleeping, fasting is fasting. sleeping is natural, fasting is not. while your mind is resting your body uses your fats to sustain itself. its the same for fasting but its carried out personally/ its not a necessity. you cant bend truths to prove your point.

    • Fasti says:

      had to split this into two messages because it was too long.

    • Past3ll3_Panda says:

      If you can’t, its probably what you’re eating or muscle gain

  • Cloud Strife says:

    To everyone in the comments in their own weight loss journey: We can do this! Don’t give up!

  • Dorothy Davis says:

    If you need a little boost for your weight loss effots I always have great luck with

    • Stacey Kersting says:

      I started doing IF, closing my eating period by 1 hour per day. Now, I stay low carb and have an 16-18 hr fasting window every other day…..11am brunch, 5-6pm dinner. So much easier than I thought and saving TONS on food!

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