Hit & Run Accidents You Have To See To Believe

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Hit & Run Accidents You Have To See To Believe

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  • desiree reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 13 minutes and 37 seconds left to live”


  • MonaMarie's Life says:

    This is so sad & cringy to watch 😔

  • Gaelle Maz says:

    The young man on the bicycle was at fault.

  • Aliciaek says:

    To painful to watch this video….1.20 no more….

  • Leo Silva says:

    her mopm was watching over her

    • SUGAR XYLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      If that was truly the case she wouldn’t have been hit !

    • Leo Silva says:

      @SUGAR XYLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you know anything about family members who are your protectors or have you ever had an experience like that because i have i believe this because i went through it im not just speaking out of nothing angels only have so much power but god has the authority in the end she is walking she is not dead the car did not kill her as bad as it looks i know from experience that these things will happen but not kill us just like me and i have had 3 near death experiences being hit by a car my apendix rupturing causing a deadly infection inside my stomac mrsa in my ankle having a gun pointed in my face not being able to fire but other wise worked just fine so i know what im talking about when is say her mom was watching over her because she is alive and is not hurt as bad as it clearly looks

  • Leo Silva says:

    in was knocked out into a coma for 2 weeks i had to learn how to walk talk eat like everything all over again like i was a new born my femurs were broken in half i they told my mom i would never walk again i would be a vegetable but by the grace of god i proved them wrong but i fell for them all on here

  • steely dan says:

    DAMN it…you should be talking about the killer virus!!!!

  • thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid says:

    I will remember that license plate number and call the cops and will sue the a$$ off of them to boot. Don’t try and hit and run on me you will regret it.

  • Winter Sky says:

    Did they really need the model of the accident after she just described what happened and there was video footage

  • Elyse George says:

    Bicyclest want to be treated like vehicles but at like pedestrians. The law says to get off your bike and walk it through the crosswalk.

  • SUGAR XYLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    How could you not know when you back over someone. SMH

  • AxeKick80 says:

    Ok, that was brutal.

  • Jenny Fogleman says:

    I was hit in my car by a run down crappy car as I was on my way to visit my grandmother in hospice. He sped off. Some random man who was driving rolled down his window quickly and says I’m calling the police and I’m gonna chase him. He followed him til the police arrived. Still don’t know that mans name. Not even allowed to know the driver who hit me name. I am thankful I am alive and thankful some kind stranger helped me.

  • biggs says:

    The guy walking home that was hit, that car swerved for him

  • CALife says:

    Was the model necessary? It’s all caught on tape.

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