Hidden Camera Health Strings – Part 1

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Hidden Camera Health Strings – Part 1

Then, see how people react to outrageous situations in our cringe-worthy hidden-camera health stings. Morris and Dr. Oz also help couples resolve some of their biggest food fights from, should you microwave ice cream to make it thaw faster to the proper way to eat a hamburger.

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  • Sam Ludendorff says:

    Is it a gym for fat old women?

  • MiracleMommy Marg says:

    Enjoyed this video! Thank you for sharing! So sad to see this in the world. As a heath care professional, it’s a great reminder that everyone deserves dignity!

  • Abu Huraira says:

    Relationships are like fat people
    Most of them don’t work out

  • Angel Vaughan says:

    I always stand up for any human or animal being mistreated- always have always will. Empowerment is where it’s at!!!!!

  • Angel Vaughan says:

    That was hard to watch

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