Hemp Seed, Oat Milk, and Other Food Trends of 2019

By | Health & Fitness

Find out what Foodgod, Jonathan Cheban, thinks are the top 5 food trends of the year. Have you tried any of them?

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  • Chery Channel says:

    I always see your channel kisses from Puerto Rico❤

  • The Ultimate Excellence says:

    Whoa. Didn’t know food had a god.

  • Autumn Rain says:

    I love oat milk!

  • Beautiful flower says:

    Thanks the info

  • Laetitia Gallant says:

    No, no, noDr Oz. I cannot take that jerk

  • Effort Brings Change says:

    Who crowned him a God? I want to be a God…

    I wonder what the requirements are 🤔

    Thanks Dr. Oz for another informative video.

  • droptop10001 says:

    More like food queen

  • Nick Vartan says:

    All of it is crap except kefir. Even hemp seeds are bad if they’re not organic. They’re gmo and full of pesticides.

  • Annette Melnychuk says:

    I love the strawberry kefir, almond milk.

  • Adnan A says:

    How did this guy get famous (no sarcasm)?

  • Gorgeous Baby says:

    Who are you?!
    Get out of my Dr Oz channel.

  • PIMA20132770579 says:

    This lgbtq queer is hard to watch

  • THCB Spotlights says:


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