Harvey Weinstein Breaking News

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Harvey Weinstein Breaking News

Dr. Oz provides an in-depth explanation of the back surgery Harvey Weinstein underwent to answer the question of whether or not it’s going to delay his trial. Investigative reporter Mara Schiavocampo discusses how Weinstein sustained the injuries.

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  • Sumeya Adan says:

    I am fist

  • suzanne schulz says:

    Cuba Gooding is a womanizer

  • Casandra Barnes says:

    Bill Cosby was assisted due to his blindness into court and he still went to jail. Someone can assist Harvey to jail also!!

  • tjpm says:

    Weinstein has a very good PR group…look like a victim…sicko! Those women will be bullied by him until the disappear, lock him away!!

  • Melissa Rosario says:

    Lock his up

  • angie murray says:

    Send him to jail for the rest of his life. He’s disgusting what he’s done to theses poor woman. He thinks because he has money he has power. Horrible and evil man.

  • glx490 says:

    I don’t care for whinestein at all.. but this ‘metoo’ charade is absurd. Those women got rich and famous by sleeping with the producer. Now they want more money from the old rich guy. Boohoo

  • Rosie Pena says:

    It boggles my mind that they let him get away with taking off his ankle bracelet so many times! LOCK HIM UP

  • Gaelle Maz says:

    Loose women … loose morals… They all enjoyed it when they were moving up with their careers… and now…they are coming after him. So many rich men being targeted for their money. Weinstein was a naughty boy and some women love hanging out with naughty boys… Unfortunately for these rich men, we are now living in the “toxic masculinity” era, brought upon us by angry lesbian femininazis.

  • Ciarrroscurrro says:

    Dr oz is trying to be new Geraldo?

  • Karen Surmiak says:

    He should be in jail already. Dirty and sick Man he is.

  • SHAUNTA LOVE says:

    Pay attention they lock bill cosby up but not him 😶

  • Jeje Wa says:

    Non US. So in the US president can be found guilty without any proof and other are guilty without court appearance. Remember that what you do to other might be done to you. Maybe Weinstein is guilty or not but lest give him the benefit of the doubt till he is found guilty. The Western world is loosing its ctedibility and it’s right to exist and everyday proofs of what i am saying are blatantly in view of neutral but interested people like me!

    • Moogie B says:

      The thing is we have heard many stories from his victims telling almost the same thing. He lured them into his hotel room, talked about massages, appeared naked, and much worse from there. Yes, he needs to be tried in our justice system but I’m betting he will be found guilty.

  • Elsa Gonzalez says:

    Awesome Dr. Oz. You are a man of character and good testimony which makes you trustworthy. Also a family man. Gbu Wishing you the best of God to you and loved ones. ❤😇

  • SUGAR XYLER !!! says:

    It used to be a man’s world    *Not ANYMORE*

  • Dirk Diggler says:

    Why is this crap on a medical show?

  • * Jackson says:

    That walker is do victimize him. Predators love to pretend to be “the” victim

  • Ashton Gilmore says:

    He should be tried as a black man.

  • Eddiba Ghiz says:

    Os this Dr Oz? Why did he change his show subjects?

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