Gypsy Rose’s Stepmom Opens Up About the Lies Dee Dee Blanchard Told Everyone

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Gypsy’s stepmom, Kristy Blanchard, opens up about the lies Dee Dee Blanchard told to keep the abuse of her daughter a secret. Plus, she shares how she felt the first time Gypsy walked into the courtroom.

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  • Juana Maravilla says:

    It’s easy to judge… she got multiple surgeries even a feeding tube she was forced to a wheelchair and God knows what else… she did wrong by killing her mother, but at the end of the day she is also a victim.

    • Ellen Dinger says:

      Truly. The sheer lack of empathy and understanding for the horror of being a victim of Munchaussen by proxy is awful. That level of abuse is unimaginable. Was she wrong for her part? Yes. Did she stand a chance in Hell at understanding how people are supposed to act? No! None. They’re all victims and need serious mental help for the rest of their lives, not prison.

    • Iowa Girl says:

      @Tommy Bandz Yes she did. Gypsy shouldn’t have used him to kill her but she was screwed up in the head and was probably too weak to do it herself. Just a thought. You don’t know how desperate she was. That sort of abuse affects different people differently. She was being starved. Almost 2 years of abuse had me researching natural undetectable poisons, plants and mushrooms. I never did it and I was lucky to survive. You never know. I am blessed and a survivor 🙏💪

    • Iowa Girl says:

      @Nyasia Collins Are you nuts? Loved her too much? More like loved the attention, sympathy, and funds that she got. She was starved, drugged, had unnecessary surgeries, told she had cancer, forced into a wheelchair since she was 5, had salivary glands removed, feeding tube out in because she was misdiagnosed due to her mother’s lies and starving her. WTabsoluteF!?!

    • Nyasia Collins says:

      Iowa Girl i don’t even remember writing that comment but what i think i meant was she did love her and she was just very over protective then she noticed she started getting money and stuff from it but idk like i said i don’t remember

    • charles charles says:

      Calling the cops would have been good.

  • Yoselyn Martinez says:

    I don’t understand one thing if she WASNT sick how was any surgery performed on her by a certified doctor who did the surgeries and how come?

  • fuzz rug says:

    She’s been a prisoner her whole life. And still is. When she gets released she’ll finally be able to start a life that’s finally her own.

    • Kerry Boland says:

      In an interview, Gypsy said, “even though I’m in prison I’m free now”

    • Aria C says:

      But she will always suffer because of what happened to her. Yes, after all these years of abuse she is about to be free, but she still as never had a job, an education, never lived on her own… I just hope she can be okay. She at least as her father and step-mother now.

    • Aria C says:

      @Alisha She was on so many medications she didn’t need back then, she was probably not even completely conscious of what was going on.

    • fuzz rug says:

      @Aria C Yes, but you can tell just by hearing her talk she is very intelligent, So she can probably do anything she wants. She can always go to school and get a job afterwards.

    • Crack Job says:

      Sorry but I cannot see that happening, unfortunately she has not been given the right treatment for all the abuse she’s been through. When she was on dr Phil’s show and he visited her in prison? She was talking normal and as soon as she walked outside her voice changed back into that squeeky gypsy voice it was very unnerving. She should never have gone to jail and she would have got proper treatment and help for all the abuse and drugs she’s had to come off . What’s more frightening is her mother had the condition as did her mother so the chance of gypsy having it is massive, add the prison sentence and what she’s going through in there and it’s not looking good for her when she is released, sad but that’s the truth.

  • sillymummypeppers says:

    It’s so messed up. Gypsy should be getting therapy for being forced to live this way.

    • Victoria Tackett says:

      Andro mache I don’t. I study medicine. And I know as many drugs as she were on she’s lucky to be living. I know it screwed up her head. She might not be a productive member of society, but I hope she will be. I hope the therapy continues outside of prison.

    • Andro mache says:

      @Victoria Tackett it won’t. Because outside of prison she’d be responsible for praying for it. Also, drugs are easy. Anyone with common basic knowledge of medicine can medicate and heal themselves. The only need of a doctor is to write the prescriptions. Patients already know what is wrong with them and what they need before they ever call for an appointment. America would do well to follow the practices of other countries. Give up the gauntlets on the medicine. Surgeons are needed yes, but the rest…not so much. Today we like to pretend that unless someone buys a degree in something they are ignorant of it. This simply isn’t the case. I guarantee you that mother knew exactly what she could and couldn’t get away with. She knew more than the Damn doctors who spent years in medical school. I mean honestly, used Orajel to full doctors into taking out her salivary glands. Isn’t that hilarious. And we say America has the best healthcare in the world. It has the best government mandated forcible freedomless insurance in the world. It has the most gullible and emotionally charged citizens in the world. Anyone with a physicians desk reference or a copy of greys anatomy is just as knowledgeable as any internal medicine doctor. We all have access to the same books. We all have the exact same capacity to learn. I think today’s society forgets that. I hope you’re right. I hope that someone who lived one way fit over twenty years can be reprogrammed in less than ten. I hope you’re right. I know however, that you are wrong. We have thousands of years of human history to show hope changes nothing.

    • sillymummypeppers says:

      She did wrong, but this is a truly unique case and should be treated as so.

    • Jim Wainen says:

      ​@Kassi Beal If she is happier in prison then she ever was at home that says a lot in my opinion…. It probably was really as bad as she says it was…. Erick Rodgers still hasn’t answered the question have you gone to see her and talked to her in person as you keep telling everyone else to do….

  • Kelly Star says:

    I don’t think she should have went to prison…. she should have been sent to a mental hospital…. she needs intensive therapy. She was physically and mentally abused beyond belief! She had surgeries that she never needed. She took heavy medications that she never needed. She had immense guilt about wanting to stand up to her mother…. and the whole medical community failed her.

    • Katy_XoXo says:

      @Cookie 2.o i doubt she’s mentally well. she’s suffered a LOT of trauma and without therapy or mental help she’s most likely going to develop a disorder such as PTSD. she may not even develop a disorder but will still need therapy to help her deal with everything her mother put her through. her mother was also mentally abusive which can leave harmful impact on a person. i highly doubt she’s mentally okay after everything she’s been through

    • Savant Lady Lilith says:

      Honestly, those facilities are worse a punishment. The people there are more likely to become violent, and there arent as many programs as what she has in jail. You have to be incapable of caring for yourself, people like my sister who are mentally ill to the point of refusing to bathe and attacking guards and prisoners and incapable of doing basic tasks. Prisons arent equipped so those types of prisons are worse….it isnt just one of those 72 hour hold clinics…some of these people tried to eat other people and are still dangerous hence still being in there. You only get out when the doctors and law BOTH agree you’re fit to leave and are able to function.

    • Aria C says:

      @Andrea Turnquist She isn’t, she was under many medications that it caused her to be out of touch with reality. Now it’s all about her dealing with the abuse she went through which will be difficult.

    • Aaron Michael says:


    • alycia marie says:

      He has autism and needs help too not prison so sad 🙁

  • Jennifer Kelly says:

    This girl should not be in prison. She is not a threat to society. She needs therapy to heal. She must of lived in hell for all of her childhood.

    • Tanith Jackson says:

      @Nicolette James Sweetie pie, I’ve NEVER had to “manipulate” anyone i to having sex with me. Not everyone has to do that. No doubt YOU have to, but take it from me, for some people it’s just not necessary.

    • Keyamonie Fentress says:

      I think she is a threat. She planned a murder and had relations with a boy next to her mother body. How is that sane? Yes she had a hard life, but that doesn’t excuse what she did

    • Keyamonie Fentress says:

      And just think. She mulnipulated someone to commit murder, would u guys wanna live in a house with her???

    • Noname 1st says:

      Hmmm, I do feel for her upbringing but she is very clever and manipulation is second nature to her, she’s had to pretend all her Life,sad story man

    • Lele Shreve says:

      She needs a lot of therapy

  • jen W says:

    I’m told that the guards at her prison know her story and are nice to her. She’s getting her GED and finally making friends. It’s too bad she has to spend 10 years. I hope she gets out early on good behaviour

  • Jerry & Linda's Place/Everyday Living says:

    Actually it was self defense for gypsy. You have a right to defend yourself.

    • crissy4445 says:

      I mean…tbf you don’t have to kill her you can run away or tell social services or like almost kill her yknow

    • Tamzin Menadue says:

      crissy4445 she did .. she went to the police several times but because her mother had custody of her even when she was over 18 they just took her back to her mother

    • Jas M says:

      Melanie Wilson no she very much so knew it was going to really happen. She paid for the boys bus ticket. She paid for their hotel room. She made sure he had on gloves before touching the door. She also made sure to unlock the door for him. She knew exactly what was going to happen.

    • crissy4445 says:

      Tamzin Menadue The police isn’t social services. She could’ve gone to her moms councillor, even the hospital, anyone who knew she couldn’t walk or speak well who would be taken seriously if they raised alarm bells. Hell her step mom said she didn’t know why couldn’t she go to her dad and step mom to show them they needed to take legal action? She had time to plan and research if she could do this. I have nothing against justified murder so I don’t morally care but I don’t think in this case you can claim that she had no choice cause this although after years of mental abuse was really one of the first things she tried

    • Roxie Canon says:

      Jerry & Linda’s Place/Everyday Living no killing someone while they slept is not self defense

  • Sam Miller says:

    no one screwed her over more than medical professionals

    • n h says:

      @L J NOW you all listen to patients?? Right..
      I’ve lost loved ones bec of psychopath egotistic doctors. Not generalizing.. i literally went to ALL doctors of certain speciality in pur city that we then went to capital city and still..same.
      Who refused to lusten..and let her die of exact things! We warned them for 2.5 years.a simple test.
      they kept yelling that they wont do it. One said hes the doctor not me.
      They tortured unnecessary death.
      And all my relatives..horror storied..
      All disgusting incredible ego!! Materialism, psychopath behaviour, unsterilization, complete apathy and indifference
      It’s just never the “innocent” doctor’s fault..

    • Icon says:

      Sam Miller the medications her mom gave her initially caused side effects/“symptoms” that she exaggerated to seem like it’s own disease and get medication for that then do the same with those symptoms/side effects & it was a revolving door… medical professionals were not testing as they should have they just saw a sick child and an overwhelmed mother & they treated.

    • Angela Stewart says:

      Her mother is the sick villain, this really was self defense.

    • Alexia Stewart says:

      @L J The medical community FAILED this beautiful girl. They didn’t do their due diligence. How were there no red flags set off? She had multiple surgeries. She had perfectly good salivary glands removed because they took the mother on her word. Did they even check them? They’re weren’t checking! They weren’t doing their due diligence! Did they even examine this girl? I’m sorry your little feelings are hurt, but they MESSED this girl up. They’re as terrible as the mother. If they did their jobs properly, they would notice things aren’t adding up.

    • Gubbins says:

      @Alexia Stewart I like you. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • M Bibi says:

    Kim kardashashian where are you

  • Timah R. says:

    Gypsy killed her mother but the sad truth is that her mother killed her a long time ago.
    Edit: This is for those of you arguing semantics over the physical act of murder. Is Gypsy not in jail for murder? Did she not plead guilty to murder? I get it, she didn’t commit the act with her hands but she’s just as responsible for it whether we like it or not.

    • Ashley Nave says:

      That Highlightt
      Dee Dee was probably plotting to murder Gypsy. After all the medical abuse.

    • Blair Bart II says:

      @Ashley Nave yes. Dee Dee was planning to kill Gypsy all along

    • You're A Hypocrite says:

      Well it’s not like she didn’t want to go to prison

    • Blair Bart II says:

      @You’re A Hypocrite she didnt. She’s been in prison her whole life

    • Yaa Yaa says:

      @Kamikaze Kid while I feel for Gypsy, she could have escaped if she wanted too. She had many opportunities do so. Are we forgetting that Gypsy left to go get some D from wolverine? Yes her mother found her, but she returned with her. Numerous times she could have gotten up out of the chair. She was the mastermind behind EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING that transpired. Ask yourselves why she never told anyone except the guy whom she wanted to kill her mom, about what was happening to her. Why didn’t she ever tell anyone? Lacey? I mean, even if Dee Dee said it wasn’t true, all Gypsy had to do was stand up and boom… What she went through was sad, but she did nothing to get out of it. And, someone who would do what DeeDee did is not a normal person. Maybe she went through stuff which caused her to be the way she was. We saw how her mother was to her. Maybe she needed help.
      But from where I was sitting, and if what was depicted is true, then Gypsy could have gotten away if she really wanted too.

  • Happy Healthy Hippie says:

    She was failed by her mother and hundreds of medical personnel who didnt push any questionable procedure.

    Gypsy is happy and free now, even in prison.

    • You're A Hypocrite says:

      Failed by her mother? She literally abused her.

    • Vintage Rose says:

      @Lady Scarface That was another lie Dee Dee conjured up. She told neighbors he was an abusive alcoholic who never paid child support, yet he sent $1,200 per month. Master manipulators are experts at keeping everyone at a distance, and getting other people to believe their lies.

    • Bethany Wood says:

      Happy Healthy Hippie yes the feeling of freedom from abuse is great, but however your not seeing what a lot of abuse victims see.
      And that is we are never truly free from the events that occurred, in our lives they stick with us as long as we live, you can do all you want but it never truly leaves you.
      So technically she’s not free from what harm her mother did to her, it’s still going to haunt her but she’s happier in a different place.

    • Bethany Wood says:

      Lady Scarface no he didn’t he tried to contact her, but her mother wouldn’t let him hence the word “controlling”
      As he said in an interview he tried for years!! But her mother was so cunning and nieave, she had him believe in things that were false.

    • Vintage Rose says:

      @Bethany Wood Well said, and so true. She will continue to have PTSD for years.

  • Yissel Trasviña says:

    Why aren’t all those certified dr arrested or in questioning?!

  • Anatolia says:

    Gypsy is proof that the American medical system is all about money.

    • Elsa C says:

      L Collins 😂😂😂 I AM black. My father was born in 1931, under the kitchen table in Mobile, Alabama. One of 8 children. My grandparents worked really hard to bring their children up to be successful and never play victim to their circumstances, and so were me and my 3 siblings. I’m in full agreement with you that there are a lot of disadvantaged people…But it’s not just minorities, as evidenced by the very story we all watched. Sadly, instead of instilling a strong work ethic and the pride of accomplishment too many people are looking for a shortcut to wealth. It’s a systematic destruction of the true beauty of being able to do for oneself. Of course I FULLY understand your feelings about the corruption in medicine. It’s disheartening. At some point, we all have to look in the mirror and make sure we are doing the right thing.
      Anyway, the two of us are not going to solve the problems of the world writing comments on YouTube videos 😁 I wish you health and happiness and I will continue to strive to make those that came before me proud of me. 👍🏽

    • Britta Olson says:

      Anatolia Best Comment

    • Danielle Ellis says:

      So true

    • Guido The Chihuahua says:

      Queen Queen it’s called a swallowing study! You just can’t diagnose someone without further testing and insert a feeding tube! Doesn’t make sense! The medical system doesn’t work that way!!

    • Guido The Chihuahua says:

      YaBoiLisandro What health care system? The one where an insurance company dictates what doctor you can and cannot see? The one where the less fortunate can’t receive the necessary medical or dental care they need and walk around toothless? The one where the pharmaceutical companies raise the cost of prescription drugs so high that our senior citizens are forced to choose between getting their medication or buying food? Just curious 🤷‍♀️

  • Asand dy says:

    I still don’t think Nick should have gotten as much time as he did. He wasn’t right in the head either.

    • Dallas Belfiore says:

      pretty sure he is autistic but im not 100%

    • alycia marie says:

      How true.

    • Shomari Love says:

      Chasity Fey Venske no but he did help free gypsy. What if you didn’t have the guts to kill someone who’s mentally and physically abusing you? I guess nobody would help you since you think he was wrong

    • Shomari Love says:

      Sequoya Spencer think about this tho he wasn’t having these thought before he met gypsy though am I right. So with that being said this is gypsys fault for being him into her mess and then he though if she needs help so let me make a plan.

    • Shomari Love says:

      Dallas Sarabia not the same. He killed a bad person no an innocent one. School shooters may be mentally but they not trynna kill bad people they killing innocent children. Please don’t compare these situations. Will never be the same.

  • Lexi Stanifer says:

    I remember Munchausen by Proxy being mentioned once in nursing school. We went over it for maybe 10 minutes. I got a few questions about it on my NCLEX (licensure examination) & the only reason I was able to answer then correctly was because of this case. Gypsy’s step mother is right, there needs to be more education on this.

    • Rebecca Antoine says:

      I’ve only learned this in psych so far in nursing school and it was called “Factitious Disorder” instead of Munchausen by Proxy. I didn’t know it had a different name.

    • Ira Munloz says:

      Rebecca Antoine I’ll look more into it! Thank you 🙏

    • Lexi Stanifer says:

      Ira Munloz it was mentioned in psych! I worked in pediatrics for a little bit & we always joked about it. I remember talking about this case with other nurses one shift & they all said “oh I’m too smart to fall for that,” but anyone can fall for it. When it comes to kids, we rely on the parents so much because most kids don’t understand. Parents are there with their children constantly & most of us are quick to believe anything they tell us. I will always listen to my little patients, but some things are just too advanced to be speaking with a child about. Always follow your gut. If you feel like something isn’t right, it probably isn’t! That’s the best nursing advice I can give to you!

    • Kelseyguurl says:

      We went over it in my highschool. Very little in nursing school. Which is so weird. All the other psych disorders. Muchausens is pretty intense.

    • Katy Sproule says:

      Yes!! Same!!! I learned about it in college psyc and it was mentioned in the chapter we were working on. Just a breeze right through it, no comments or anything about it. I happened to have found the illness “interesting?” enough that I researched it on my own time and there was plenty of articles and info that would be vital if you work in the healthcare, education, mental health, etc.

  • Kekistani Goddess says:

    When Gypsy gets out, she needs to sue the Hell out of everyone!

    • Airy74 says:

      Jasmine her MOM Conned non profits and orgs. Gypsy had no say in what was going on it was all mom.

    • Courtney Howell says:

      Preeti Hamilton there are only 3 documented surgeries the rest were faked by DeeDee

    • shanice berry says:

      Crumb Reth legally she cant make money off of the hulu series. itll be profiting off her crimes and that’s illegal

    • Elisa Marie Else says:

      @Megan P Gypsy did not kill her mother, she manipulated Nick to murder her mother!!! You must not have watched the police interrogation where she LIED and said Nick raped her and made her clean up the scene, all to to save her own butt! YES I feel bad for everything she went through with her mother, but her and Nick deserve the same time.

    • Kristen Michelle says:

      Jasmine r u serious? She didn’t want any of that.

  • Kayvona Branson says:

    I really feel like everyone failed her, even the justice system.

    • lala says:

      Right I was thinking how stupid could those doctors be, or maybe they’re just greedy and wanted money.

    • Erick Rogers says:

      @Aria C Police wouldn’t believe her?!? All she had to do was stand up. The police knew of her in the community. Grow a brain.

    • Aria C says:

      @Erick Rogers You need to make some research because they are so many cases of child abuse when the child reached out for help from teachers, police, social workers and they did nothing, they were just sent back to their abusers. All she had to do was stand up for herself?? What the hell are you talking about??

    • Sophie Louise310 says:

      Erick Rogers if you watch her interview in court she will explain everything in detail and you will understand a lot more it’s really upsetting
      Nick was going to rape Dee Dee but gypsy had to talk him out of it and the only way she could was to say he could rape gypsy she let him rape her so he didn’t rape her mom

    • Sunny Stars says:

      Erick Rogers I know I shouldn’t even comment to a troll in a comment section, especially when it was so long ago but let me clear something up some things. First of all, you’re also judgin from a Netflix/Hulu show. Stop lying and saying she’s a member of your community or saying that you know her cuz we can see right through your lies. You may spent YEARS and YEARS of knowing someone and still never really know them so don’t tell me you know the situation cuz you didn’t live through it. None of us did but we went through all of the articles, interviews, videos, etc of the information that was given to us enough to judge the situation of our own. The professionals say this is the truth and there is proof so you’re gonna have to live with the facts. As a victim myself, it is hard to stand up for yourself in a toxic environment. She didn’t know what to do. Even when she considered leaving, she didn’t want to see her mom hurt. She was an amazing manipulator! So just please do research before speaking up on anything. You have no experience or knowledge in the topic.

  • naluboo says:

    Gypsy lived in hell with that abusive mother. She needed help and therapy, not prison.

    • Micah Ochs says:

      She chose prison over rehab, she said she felt free there

    • naluboo says:

      @Micah Ochs I don’t think that after all she went through she should make a choice like that… maybe deep down she felt really at fault for the murder, but that child needed help above all else. No “social reformation” could ease her mental health and traumas. The court and med system should have decided based on _what’s right_

    • Crack Job says:

      Agree with you, she’s going to come out and need a lot of help or she will be a high risk for offending agin . A lot of work needs doing with her .

    • Crack Job says:

      Micah Ochs no she didn’t, a judge and jury made that decision for her SMH !!

  • HelloSunshine says:

    I love seeing pictures of her now. Even though she’s in prison she is THRIVING. She is becoming a beautiful, strong and inspirational woman. I hope she moves on to live a happy life.

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