Gosselin Vs Gosselin – The Two Interviews of Jon And Kate Gosselin

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Let's watch together the two interviews of Kate & Jon Gosselin at the Dr. Oz Show

Jon Gosselin Reveals What Really Happened With Kate – The Full Interview!

If you missed it, here is the Full Interview of Jon after 10 years of silence!

Let's watch again the best moments of Kate Gosselin interview in 2017 speaking about Jon and her family

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  • Selena Ayers says:

    How come she wont speak to Colin anymore

  • Gil M says:

    Imagine not being able to defend yourself for a DECADE while the whole world painted you as a terrible person? All because of a piece of paper said so. Crazy world we live in!

  • 11STARFIRE says:

    **WHO CARES**
    This should have been left in 2019.

    Dr. Oz seriously needs to fully get back to medical issues.

  • JENNY KIM says:

    This was a great show until the money changed everything.
    I wish this family could have stayed together.
    I feel for the kids.
    They didn’t ask for this.

  • Lisa Greenfield says:

    The one accusing of the affair is the one having the affair.

  • Jessica - Sabina Alves says:

    She reminds me of my mom. A narcissistic. It’s about me me me. U can tell shes reading a script and shes a bad actress.. abusive. And when confronted she says it didn’t happen. Just like my mom. Abused me and blame me when her brother abused me and now when I confronted her she said she didnt do that I was stopping the abuse. These moms shouldn’t be moms

  • Simone Blue says:

    She was always controlling on the show and beat her husband down I seen that first hand glad hes connecting with his kids again

    • sophie morrison says:

      it was difficult to watch kate constantly bark orders to her husband and children. as hard as it was to watch i was always looking for some spontaneous show of affection to the children or jon. i never saw it. the family dynamic seemed poisoned by kate’s personality disorder. she should have been the one under intense evaluation by therapists. i would love to see all the kids and jon move on and find some emotional healing if possible. i don’t know if narcissists like kate can be helped. this is a classic dysfunctional family which unfortunately all too common.

  • Angela Johnson says:

    All I kept hearing from her is me me me me me, except when she was talking about John then it was pointing the finger at him and then it was right back to me me me me me…And the reason people don’t draw the line between the tabloid Kate in the real Kate is because she seems to be the same person, she has made it very clear that, that’s the person she actually really is and the reason why she keeps talking about how hard it is to be a single parent is because she put herself in that position by not allowing their father to be just that. A father…

  • Marie Azrak says:

    You’re awesome Jon

  • Lady Goldi says:

    Where are you been when kids were little

  • Darlene Owens says:

    Jon get the rest of the kids.the twins maybe not but the kids will follow god bless guys wishing you the best!!! Xxxxxooooo

  • UrOnly Hope says:

    She’s full of herself


    Kate crawl back in your snake hole ,quit back peddling, you made your bed ,you’ve shown the world what a manipulative control arrogant person, you were so efffing mean to Jon there’s no question ,and what you did to Colin ,please just go away

  • s xu says:

    Thought there was a current kate interview

  • Red Dawn says:

    Those poor kids were collateral damage. Kate is awful and those poor kids are her little slaves/cash cows. Jon, should have put as much effort in being a father to his children as he is “setting the record straight”. If Kate is such a narcissist, and I believe she is, Jon is guilty of torturing his kids just as much as Kate since he didn’t fight to get them out of her custody.

  • Teri says:

    That woman only EVER cared about being “famous” and on TV. He actually cared about the kids. She’s despicable 😡

  • Laura Tsend says:

    She’s looking old and all washed up now

  • Tiffany Freeman says:

    Watched the show from the beginning and it was almost inhumane how Kate treated him. The world & network witnessed that. So glad he’s in therapy and able to identify struggles.

  • Heather Morehouse says:

    What exactly do you do Kate? Other than sell your soul and kids for $$$~

  • sophie morrison says:

    hearing jon’s account of the engineered estrangement from his children, especially colin, made me cry. it is criminal that kate had professional cooperation from the “experts” to institutionalize their son. it was the worst kind of injustice for a child to be intentionally withheld from a loving parent. i’m glad the children are on their way back from this cruelty and toward a healthy and happy life. much praise to jon for his efforts to right the wrong. as for kate, i don’t know what to say about her. she has her own issues that have overflowed to her children. i saw glimpses of the harm to the twin girls in interviews. one in particular is a carbon of her mother in her attitude. i feel bad for her. what about the remaining siblings? they must feel the chaos, too. i hope for healing for all of them.

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