Glasses May Offer Some Protection From Coronavirus

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Glasses May Offer Some Protection From Coronavirus

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  • Fatima Bashir says:


  • Fatima Bashir says:

    So educational 😍😍

  • CA2SD says:


  • jessica lee says:

    Thank you I were glasses I always hated them but know I am going to love them even more and won’t hated them anymore if there going to keep me safe πŸ€“

  • Tim says:

    amazing content keep up the great content

  • Tim says:

    awesome content I loved it

  • George Smart says:

    Im glad im 4 eyes now lol

  • Kevin Sellers says:

    Yeah they do freak me out a little. Probably like that lip stick u had on

  • Mel B says:

    Good thing I have bad eye sight then.

  • Mel B says:

    My eye sight is 20/400 without glasses

  • Just Suzie says:


  • Mohammad Alikhah says:

    Hi Dr Oz what is recommended dosage of azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine for some who has covid-19?
    Thanks please answer

  • Fran Catania says:

    The sickest I’ve gotten was from an Eye Glass place in a mall. Trying on those frames which are growing all kinds of stuff. I asked if they submerge them in disinfectant, wipe them down or spray them & the clerk says we do the best we can. Uh, that’s a no. I was a Respiratory Therapist & suctioned patients, did trach care & changed ventilator tubing & never got as sick as I had from the eyeglass store. Now, I bring alcohol spray & antibacterial wipes, select the frames, clean them & let them air dry, then I try them on. That industry needs regulation.

    • butterscotchpuddin33 says:

      I agree and I see a lot of people always touching their faces when they wear glasses so that is BS people who wear glasses touch their faces more than anyone

  • Kelly Dunn says:

    Love this guy so imformative but relaxed about it ty Dr OzπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Guy Ko says:

    Never forget who is responsible for the coronavirus pandemic: China.


    -Lied to the world about outbreak, they knew about it in NOVEMBER
    -Refused outside help to contain it
    -Failed to lock down borders to prevent it from escaping
    -Silenced whistleblowers who sounded alarm

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