Full Interview : Aaron Hernandez’s Brother speaks to Dr. Oz following release of Netflix documentary

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Brother of Aaron Hernandez speaks to Dr. Oz following release of Netflix documentary

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  • 11STARFIRE says:

    I was so shocked to learn that Aaron Hernandez was any kind of a homosexual.
    How did it happen? Why?
    Did his fiancé know or did she not care?

    • Mavis Jones says:

      11STARFIRE in her recent interview with Dr.Phil she said he never expressed that to her or did she notice anything pointing in that direction. She did say if he would have told her he felt like that, had those feelings towards the other sex that she would have still loved him no matter what and would want him to live in his truth. She truly loves him still so very much 😔😢🙏🏻God bless his soul & his family ❣️

    • 11STARFIRE says:

      @Mavis Jones

      Thank you. Because you cleared up a big question about HER.
      I believe those two truly loved each other.
      Again I am so shocked about Aaron’s sexuality because imo he was such a handsome man. But I guess that makes no difference

    • Eugenia Syro says:

      When you are chasing the money. you look the other way, like she did.

    • Claudia Vlahović says:

      @Eugenia Syro 🤔

  • Mavis Jones says:

    Such a awful, awful story. He had so much pain inside. You can definitely hear it in the recording phone calls with his mom. His dad was a monster!!! Lord Jesus bless his soul now. I hope he asked for forgiveness, repented.🙏🏻😢❣️

  • B Jeon says:

    His parents are to blame

  • aqua fina says:

    How is this the full interview? Where’s the rest of it?

  • simmick1 says:

    I don’t believe Hernandez was gay or bisexual I think he was trisexual-if he tried something and he liked it, he’d keep doing it. That included men, women, drugs, drink, violence and murder. He was a very disturbed man! His dad died when he was young so if he was gay or bi he would not have been in fear of being “gay” once his father had passed on. Hernandez participated in Odin’s murder I have no doubt about that!

  • Con Sitter says:

    Who cares, he was a pos murderer and hes dead.

  • Mavis Jones says:

    This is not the full interview!!!!!👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  • M E says:

    Aaron Hermanadez was in a lot of pain aside from his injuries he endured from football injuries. I hope his story helps and heals someone else.

  • OasisOfSerenity says:

    I don’t want to be disrespectful but could there be any way that their mom might’ve sexually abused Aaron too?

  • C A R L I T A says:

    It’s so sad in today’s society he had to hide his sexuality. Such a sad ending. He was so talented.

  • Bellissimma says:

    Wow, his brother is in extreme denial. Pulled the trigger or not, he was instrumental.

  • Charlotte k says:

    💔 🙏🙏🙏

  • Claudia Vlahović says:

    8:10❣ Yes, why not?

  • Shelly Shellz says:

    Extremely sad- so proud of this young man for speaking out. It can help others. SO BRAVEEEE 😢 😢 😢

  • TruthSeeker4Life says:

    Many NFL players are gay. The league tries hard to keep this fact covered up. They will wear pink for breast cancer but never a rainbow for LGBT rights.

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