From Ebola To Coronavirus A Doctor’s Stoery On The Front Lines

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From Ebola To Coronavirus A Doctor's Stoery On The Front Lines

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    Stoery? Come on you got to do better.

  • John Hansen says:

    Dear Oz, Thanks for all your thoughtful hard work on these videos.

  • infinatenik says:

    End of May it will slow down lockdown can be lifted end of june,watch predictions on concience Channel that predicted pandemic before it occurred.

  • Ava Yu says:

    China DID NOT warn us!!!!!! Hello? Communist China unleashed this virus on the world by covering up and deceit!!!!!!! How can this so called doctor be so inaccurate!!!!!!!

  • Jessica Buck-Daniel says:

    Screw China. They held out and didn’t warn us. Please don’t say that! They created this mess

  • swagedelic says:

    This man accepts the deaths of your children due to the coronavirus… aired on FOX last night… time for him to go.

  • ycart tosey says:

    is this interview a month old?

  • Tim Graddy says:

    How can a cure be worse than this virus??

  • Şeyda Ceran says:

    Ne iyi bir insansiniz. Umarim size virus bulasmaz.

  • IamYucky says:

    After your interview on Faux I wouldn’t listen to another word you have to say. You can not be a real doctor to suggest children to needlessly go into harms way.

  • Douglas McCrary says:

    You go to work and maybe get the virus. You stay at home and starve. I will take my chances with the virus.

  • Doomsday Knight says:

    Credibility ⬇️. unsubbed from TV doctor.

  • tobias ttt says:

    To say this is worse than Ebola is a lie.

  • Samuel Tapia jr says:

    Boycott china made products and bring back the jobs and make AMERICA great again!!!!

  • daniel boguszewski says:

    Is he reading a script ebola doctor

  • Pragnesh Shah says:

    Is this an old interview? Shows today’s date, but seems like this was recorded at least couple weeks ago.

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