Former CDC Head Says We Need Contact Tracing Plan Now

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Former CDC Head Says We Need Contact Tracing Plan Now

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  • Larry Lambert says:

    We’ll be wearing a Coronavirus star as the Jewish star was used by the nazis to identify the Jewish people in WWII….

  • Danielle Walker says:

    They not going to be able to trace everyone just go get some more test so everyone could be tested

  • tmc che says:

    Flattening the curve was necessary for the now obvious reasons. The consequence of that action is to extend the time before herd immunity can be reached. It’s the area under the curve that measures the extent of progress toward herd immunity.

    Never let a good deed go unpunished.

  • roseagain2 says:

    Dr. Oz, please interview Dr. Shiva. Thanks!

  • mover red says:

    We are getting pulled in 20 different ways,so many opinions so little done.

  • 3rd Samuel says:

    And that’s how they take our rights away. All in the name of “safety/prevention”. What they dont tell you is that they watch/control a lot more than that.

    That’s totalitarian rule!

    China drug people out of their homes and shoved them into cages! No thanks!

  • Charlene says:

    they want to take a freedom away I am sorry but this is what this is all about I know this is VERY BAD but this is a way to MAKE US ALL It is part of THE NEW WORLD ORDER TRUST ME !!!!

  • Peggy Severinsen says:

    That sounds a lot like big brother watching everyone. I’m all for shutting things down and a quick test for everyone but not this.

  • Ronin579 says:

    Why don’t we simplify things and all be prepared as individuals instead of relying on the government. we aren’t in China and keep in mind China stats don’t include asymptomatic patients, plus underground video as of a week ago still shows people lined up at hospitals in what Chinese citizens refer to as fever lines. Why not use the S. Korea model and when the alarm bell sounds we all wear a mask contrary to the W.H.O. recommendations, wash our hands and voluntarily social distance. I’ll take S. Korea or Taiwan’s numbers vs. China’s fake numbers.

  • kylie reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 8 minutes and 29 seconds left to live”


    • Janet Airlines says:

      You post the same comment on every video. It’s not funny anymore

    • Johnny Curtis says:

      What’s sad is the young healthy people got the news they don’t have to worry but they do because they weren’t smart enough to stay home so spring break and the party is on let’s go spread the virus and and kill all the smart people now all the smart people are dead good job young people

  • kimbers 123 says:

    I’ve been saying this from day 1

  • michelec492 says:

    Let’s not forget his title ” FORMER”…..🤔…..this is population control at it’s finest people 🤔….. tracing another form of control….. not happening time to consider going off the grid to protect your family from THEM not the virus 🤔✌️….lock and load…..🇺🇸

  • infinatenik says:

    Greece enforced contact tracing and has the lowest infections in Europe.

  • Paul Bouchard says:

    Doc Oz
    Excellent to see Doc OZ find his stride, finnaly man’d up

  • Shannon Chaney says:

    Thank you for working nonstop to keep us informed Dr.Oz my family and I appreciate your post of facts without playing political games. I am so grateful for your hard work globally. Thank You! Hooah We are staying Army 💪 Strong.

  • Johnny Curtis says:

    I am convinced they want all of us to get they got the cart before the horse

  • E Morin says:

    Take their rights away while they’re scared!

  • karma lita says:

    He isn’t addressing other more important issues. I’m sorry this seems like covert social engineering.

  • Bob Thrasher says:

    Inoculate K-12 children with COVID-19 so we can keep schools open and eliminate schools as an institutional vector for the disease. We have to assume there will be another wave of this.

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