Five Questions About COVID-19 and Antibody Testing, Answered by Experts

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And a reminder: do not seek these medications without the guidance of a doctor.
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  • Tom says:

    great video I loved it

  • xxlxpman says:

    Are these the same “experts” that have had this whole Covid 19 thing wrong from the start?

  • GCT10/31/1990 says:

    For those who don’t know there’s two tests in existence for this pandemic and both of them are flawed.
    1) The R.T.P.C.R test or P.C.R for short created by Kary Mullins are the tests used by medical staff at hospitals and drive through testing stations, people these are the bigger problem and I’m heavily surprised no one is asking about them.the problem isn’t lack of test lol,the problem is these tests arnt created to detect Covid-19.Kary came out and made a statement saying her tests shouldn’t be used to detect infectious diseases,they measure high levels of Inflammation in the body.the problem is almost every single person has a level of Inflammation especially if you have a bad diet, what they do is test to see if you have the Flu,they take your temperature and they do a history of your symptoms,if the Flu test comes back negative, Your temp is high,you have a sore throat,dry cough,red eyes and a fever they check for body Inflammation…label you infected without really knowing if your infected and send you home,if you come back with difficulty breathing congrats your infected.they don’t take into account the others who are infected and won’t be counted because their symptoms didn’t get as bad. This test is terrible…think about it,anyone wonder how they could test for a virus no one has ever seen before?detecting a virus means previous research had to of been involved and the Chinese won’t share information so how did western societies know what to look for so early on and able to develop a test with that data that didn’t exist?

    The second test as seen here can only determine if you had it at some point which is better then nothing

    But people start asking questions, you’ve been lied to about testing,death reports not being as high and caused by Covid-19 when in reality there’s actually 4 different categories I have found which make up the death toll,our recovered states are so wrong it’s sicken due to lack of a real test and counting those infected and there’s more people infected we don’t know about.

  • AcousticTheory says:

    SARS-CoV (SARS 1) antibodies survive in the patient for up to 12 years. Because this coronavirus (SARS 2) is most similar to SARS-CoV, it is fair to suspect that antibodies against this virus will persist for a similar period. (And Hydroxychloroquine had a powerful antiviral effect in-vitro against SARS 1.)

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