Father Charged With Running Sex Cult Ring Using Daughter’s Sarah Lawrence College Classmates

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Dr. Oz reports on Lawrence Ray, who has been charged with sex trafficking, extortion, and more. Defense attorney Joey Jackson and crime correspondent Melissa Moore discuss the case, and how it was even possible for Ray to get away with these crimes.

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  • desiree reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 7 minutes and 16 seconds left to live”


  • MTS BOUR says:

    Does he watch conan?

  • Anonymous says:

    Excellent video. Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  • MisterTracks says:

    amazing stuff

  • MisterTracks says:

    nice video

  • HARD HITTER says:

    Wow man….

  • Coin Master says:

    Well well well. He’s not a famous rnb from Chicago.Im surprised the media cares.Lets see if he goes to a federal penitentiary without a trial.Oh wait did i just describe well we all know his name by now.Freethekingofrnb

  • Aretha Minor says:

    This was sick to watch n hear. He doing wat r Kelly doing. Mayb they would be roommates

  • J EZ says:


  • Am rose says:

    Wow people can be sick but get into high society ,gee is linked to epstein????

  • Queen Alice Kingsley says:


  • Gicanda Thomas says:

    “Patriot”, “Rich Businessman”, “Worldtraveler”?? Code words for what we now know as leaders of sexual predator/paedaphile rings. Can anyone say Jeffry Epstein?? What was the business he was in exactly??

  • Leah Ryan says:

    I don’t trust this guy.

  • C. M says:

    . You know he hadn’t infiltrated hghi Society… But High Society is already involved in things of this matter

  • 08FayFay says:

    The school should be sued for sure

  • fruitofcreation says:

    I’ll believe anything is going on now……

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