Fake Puppy Scams : Stealing Your Money And Your Covid Puppy Dreams

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Fake Puppy Scams : Stealing Your Money And Your Covid Puppy Dreams

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  • May Short says:

    They tried to get me but I told them I had a relative in their city that will go pick up the puppy. They said no that is not allowed. Then I reported them. There are so many. I kept finding more and more of them and keep reporting them but its a huge scam. I couldn’t keep up

    • Karen Collyer says:

      Thanks for trying tho !!

    • Patricia says:

      Almost want to say never but I know it’s something that might happen but I don’t think I’ll ever get nothing like this because I’m too I pay attention to too much stuff and what I done started doing which alot should start doing the ones that sound too good to be true I email them back and say what’s the name of your place where you located and stuff like that and I don’t get no response dead giveaway

  • Sandra E Straume says:

    So anybody had told me to send the money before you get the product will get to see the product there fraud just like they’re going to fix your credit and you pay money to have them fix your credit and you’re trying to get a loan everybody falls pop some point in their life

  • Baltimore Bama says:

    Their “pandemic puppy” 💀

  • Slash blue says:

    I understand that some people can afford a “breed” puppy 🐶 but please remember there are shelters like ASPCA where you can adopt an abandoned dog and you’ll get the same amount of love and loyalty ❤

  • Nenad Stanojevic says:

    How can Dr Oz go from the crazy idea of Virus Vaccines to Puppies? Something is not right.
    I think Dr Oz has sold out.

  • Karen Collyer says:

    I like to see and feel my puppy first, before handing over money… People don’t do it… I have a neighbour who wanted to get his AirConditioning repaired .. The guy asked for a deposit first of $400 dollars, the guy never came back… This happened to my neighbour twice… Would you believe he lost all together $800 dollars… Don’t do it… Get it repaired FIRST, THEN PAY….. Be careful out there everyone…😡.

  • Jacquie Hess says:

    I found a breeder for Pomeranians in San Diego California he doesn’t tell you where he’s located but the registered AKC pups were $600 he pays for the airfare to have them delivered to you alongside with a nanny all different methods of payments were available when I asked him what was the guarantee that I send the money and I get the pup at the airport he said I understand thank you ma’am and that’s was all that was said

  • Jacquie Hess says:

    I’ve been looking at adopt a pet all over the country $400 $500 $600 to adopt a dog that was either rescued turned over picked up or at the pound what in the world is going on here they can’t be legitimate to sell you a dog that somebody gave them I thought it was a scam now I know it probably is a scam this is terrible

  • Jacquie Hess says:

    when these people don’t show are these sites don’t show you where they’re located that is a scam I knew this breeder in California was a scammer the minute I questioned how I would be guaranteed the dog would arrive you know if you’re going to buy a dog a pet go there go to the shelters go there and find yourself a nice little dog leave these people online alone

  • Diana Moore says:

    It’s what you get for buying from a breeder, instead of helping a homeless animal. Don’t feel sorry for any of you and Heather …ease up on the makeup…geez … ADOPT DON”T SHOP

  • Passionate Herbs says:

    You can find Full Bred dogs at the Shelters and there ARE TONS of Rescues for every breed. Go to Google and type in French Bulldog Rescue or whatever breed you are looking for.

    • Patricia says:

      I tried that been trying it been looking for a dog for 6 months at all the shelters petfinder.com and all of that I just found out tonight that I feel like it’s a lot of discrimination still going on I’m thinking things are getting better but I see they’re not I was new to this adoption process thing and I just started thinking not long ago that something wasn’t right and did tonight I got proved to be true

  • Vanessa Lennox says:

    You have to do your research. Search the internet to see if there are any complaints about them. Ask for references, see if they are a certified breeder. Do not have a dog shipped. Make sure it is a local breeder where you can go and see the puppy etc.

  • Karen Latham says:

    For that much money wouldn’t it be a felony?

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    Pay only threw PayPal. Buy local. I’d sue the hell out of her.

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    Man on IG tried to sell me a puppy. Buy local only with puppy in hand. You can potty train a puppy starting at birth I did when I sold Pom’s , I put mom at puppies in small child swimming pool on potty pads after they get six weeks they are use to puppy pads .

  • Saxby88888 says:

    PLEASE ADOPT FROM A DOG SHELTER. There are amazing dogs needing a home..

  • Patricia says:

    And another thing with these scams and stuff I don’t see how people still fall for that stuff you hear this everyday all day through the year on the news about puppies and scams and people keep falling for it I don’t understand I feel stupid for them

  • Rosemary Monty says:

    Getting a puppy because of the pandemic is absolutely NOT a good idea, so what happens to the puppy when the pandemic ends in 2022??

  • Tanya Melnichuk says:

    Go to a local Humane Society you will not be ripped off at that place

  • Raissa L. says:

    Stop buying dogs! People who purchase puppies deserve to be scammed. If you don’t adopt from a shelter, then you deserve what you get. Buying dogs is immoral when there are so many homeless dogs waiting to be adopted and getting killed when they don’t. No sympathy for these people.

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