Exclusive – The Chris Watts Letters – Part 3

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Exclusive – The Chris Watts Letters – Part 3

What really turned Chris Watts from a seemingly devoted husband and father into a cruel, cold-blooded killer? Cheryln Cadle – the author of ‘Letters from Christopher’ – shares details into Chris Watts’ first-hand confessions.

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About the Author

  • Catherine Freestone says:

    Shady Cadle

  • Stuart Pierce says:

    Wonder how much money she’s making.

  • Sally Jones says:

    🥺 poor Cadle..she’s such a victim

  • Cajun-Brat says:

    He’s full of 💩and she’s full of💩 and doctor Oz is a 🍆for entertaining this.

    • Ally says:

      this is just giving him narcissistic supply feeding this “Demon” narrative. He wants people to believe hes still a good guy and shes helping him do that but if it wasn’t her I guess it would be somebody else.

  • Leigh Mcfarlane says:

    Are this guy’s eyebrows for real?😁

  • Carol Benson says:

    I can’t believe this woman wrote this book…she never
    wrote a book before. Why did she visit this monster in prison?

  • All That Shines says:

    Makes for a good story, “possessed by demons and he would have killed anything that’s came his way:” he’s a pathetic low life we shouldn’t even be wasting our time on him!

  • Hettie de Korte says:

    They always find God when they are caught.

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