Exclusive – The Chris Watts Letters – Part 2

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Exclusive – The Chris Watts Letters – Part 2

What really turned Chris Watts from a seemingly devoted husband and father into a cruel, cold-blooded killer? Cheryln Cadle – the author of ‘Letters from Christopher’ – shares details into Chris Watts’ first-hand confessions.

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  • Rozanne Bright says:

    You can’t believe most of what Chris Watts says. He is a know proven liar. He is masking as a Christian now. He wants the world to think he is a changed person.

  • Stuart Pierce says:

    Don’t give Christian’s a bad name. Jennifer

  • Cajun-Brat says:

    Bull💩 excuses!!!

  • Lise LaSalle says:

    The dog liked him. What a liar. Even on the pregnancy announcement video, you see the dog so excited to see CW. Plus, he is often in his arms and gives him a bath. If you don’t have any examples, don’t make them up.

  • Ufo says:

    Who is this woman? How is she explaining or perceiving the fact that she saw his eyes become “dark” when he talked about the murder? Did she really believe he was possessed and what she saw are the eyes of the demon that made him kill? Are you kidding me?! It means, his pupils become dilated (got bigger) whenever he talks about the murder. That only tells me he was lying or being emotional or surprised his life turned into this, or..far fetched but it could also mean he forgot all about it and still didn’t accept the fact that he murdered his entire family. I dont know which one is worse but the way this woman telling it is, “the devil made him do it”. lmao Shut up, woman!

  • Jennifer Adams says:

    His eyes would go dark? Dilated pupils?

  • connor hayes says:

    This woman could be out helping children and wives who are being abused and instead dealing with CW. She agitated me.

    • Reba Nerk says:

      connor hayes good point.

    • Erykah C says:

      She probably wanted to make money off a book and make a name for herself to kick start her writing career. She probably has no interest in helping anybody. Helping children and wives as you say wouldn’t make her any money. She knew people would go crazy over a Chris Watts book and saw a money making opportunity.

  • Natalie Salas says:

    So unnecessary to make this 4 different videos

  • GABRIELE EA says:

    Huh?? She had no idea of demons possession?? Wasn’t it in the Bible stems that mentioned about evil spirits? Not unless she’s into Christianity cult!!

  • SarahSmiles71 says:

    Ahhhh yes Trent Bolte who happens to be friends with NKs friend Danielle who is also friends with Jim…hmmmm was TB put up to claiming an affair to CBI to take heat and attention off of NK?? Sure looks that way what are the odds that TB and NK have a friend in common??

  • Lyn Croughan says:

    I’m actually shocked he didn’t kill the dog, after saying he could’ve killed ‘anyone’ if the dog didn’t like him why is the dog still alive when all the dog did is bark, hmmm.

  • Carol Benson says:

    This woman not qualified or skilled as an interviewer or author or medical professional. Just decided to communicate with a monster and gain fame.

  • All That Shines says:

    Makes for a good story, “possessed by demons and he would have killed anything that’s came his way:” he’s a pathetic low life we shouldn’t even be wasting our time on him!

  • cult Watch says:

    He’s conning us

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